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EXCLUSIVE: Judy Ann reacts to her viral ‘blooper’ video

We’ve got the exclusive dish on what really goes behind the scenes of Judy Ann’s Kitchen!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/26/2018 in News
EXCLUSIVE: Judy Ann reacts to her viral ‘blooper’ video
“Everyone can cook.” 
That’s what we’ve been told. Well, we honestly do believe that. It’s just that most of us easily get fazed by kitchen horror stories, while some just really want to avoid accidentally burning their house down. 
Those who’ve tried have surely failed, but you just gotta keep trying and learn how to just have a good laugh about it. It’s important to know that even kitchen wizards make mistakes. 
Even Judy Ann Santos, who has well-enough skills in the kitchen that she was able to release her own cookbook and a YouTube cooking channel, messes up sometimes. 
In fact, it’s harder for her because she’s a celebrity and her mistakes could mean a great deal to many. 
BuzzFeed Philippines took the time to gather some of the Prime Superstar’s “oops” moments from her vlog entries and sure enough, it went viral within minutes. 
People liked it, shared it, and tagged their friends, not because they were making fun of her; it’s because they actually see themselves in her and the way she handles her faults. With ease and no pressure. 
When we got to talk to the award-winning actress about it in a one-on-one interview after the thanksgiving party of her latest film “Ang Dalawang Mrs Reyes” last Friday, February 23, she admitted that she also found the video pretty funny and she appreciated the fact that people found her videos the way she intended them to be. 
"Parang wala naman akong choice kung 'di matawa. Nakakatawa na nakakatuwa kasi nag-effort talaga sila to compile those things that happened habang shinu-shoot ko. Nakakatuwa din 'yung mga comments. Thank you kasi dumami 'yung subscribers namin and mas na-pressured tuloy ako,” said Judy Ann. 
“Pero hindi kasi scripted 'yung 'Judy Ann's Kitchen', ako 'yung gumagawa ng episode kaya wala kaming script,” she continued. “Hindi naman ako writer. Anything goes, 'yun talaga 'yung konsepto namin, because I don't claim that I'm a chef. I claim that I'm a chef of my family and friends. I was never a professional chef, so what happens on 'Judy Ann's Kitchen', gano'n din 'yung nangyayari sa kusina ko sa bahay namin sa Batangas. I just want people to know that it's okay to make mistakes even when you're cooking. Okay lang 'yan, wala namang mangja-judge sa'yo kasi nasa kusina mo ikaw.” 
And if you found that “realness” entertaining then you’d be pleased to know that there’s a lot of that where it came from because “Judy Ann’s Kitchen” is now entering its fifth season! 
"Season 4 ngayon, we tape five episodes in a month kasi 'yun lang 'yung kaya ng budget ko. Kaya nga nagtataka 'yung mga tao bakit once a week lang, kasi 'yun lang 'yung kaya ng budget ko. Kalma, kalma lang. Pagka nagka-budget pa nang mas malaki, siguro pwede na tayo mag-thrice a week,” she shared. 
Judy Ann revealed that she tries to grant all of her viewers’ requests as much as she can and most of the time that’s what she ends up doing when she’s brainstorming for an episode at a very little time before they shoot. 
“Bumabase kasi ako sa panahon eh, kung ano'ng gagawin namin the next shooting, naiisip ko lang siya three days before kami mag-taping. Napaka-impromtu kasi I work better 'pag under pressure, kasi 'pag ganito pa kahaba wala talagang pumapasok sa isip ko. Gano'n din ang nangyari sa libro ko sa ‘Judy Ann's Kitchen Cookbook’. Nagawa ko lahat ng chapters in one night, kasi kailangan ko na mag-shoot two days from now. Bumabase ako sa episodes based ngayon sa comments, kung ano 'yung gustong matutunan ng mga tao, requests nila,” she said. 
She checks on her subscribers all the time and talks to them whenever she can. But what we also found remarkable about Judy Ann is how she deals with criticisms. 
“I read comments,” she told us. “Most of the time 'pag mahaba 'yung oras ko sinasagot ko sila. Even 'yung bashers I answer them, kasi hindi pwedeng hindi eh. Kailangan nila marinig 'yung opinyon ko. May opinyon sila, may opinyon din ako. Pero I try to answer the questions naman na hangga't maari hindi offensive kahit nao-offend ako, kasi hindi ka pwedeng makipag-tagisan ng talino sa mga taong 'to. Opinyon nila 'yan, so it's fine.”  
She added, “Mas nage-enjoy ako 'pag may sinasagot ako na basher kasi parang, 'Ayan ka? O ito ako.' Free tayo magsalita dito eh. Relax lang. 'Di mo pwedeng sabihin na artista ako kaya 'di ko 'to pwede sabihin. Eh nandito ka sa page ko, sasagutin kita! Pero hindi naman sa point na babastusin ko sila, kailangan din nila marinig kung ano 'yung explanation ko doon sa sinabi nila."
And just like that, the one and only Judy Ann won not only our hearts but this time, she also got our likes, shares, and everything in between from here on out!