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Lovi, hindi basta-basta magtitiwala sa…?

Lovi: “Ang hirap naman tumingin sa mga mata niya and pretend like everything’s okay”

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/24/2018 in News
Lovi, hindi basta-basta magtitiwala sa…?

They say everyone deserves second chances, but can you give it to someone who has broken every trust you had for him? 
“The Significant Other” actress Lovi Poe thinks so, but you can’t be the only one making an effort. She said that person will have to earn your forgiveness and he better be ready to see things eye to eye with you. 
“Ang pinaka-importante is pagusapan if you wanna work things out. You can’t fight with someone who’s not gonna fight with you,” she shared at the film’s bloggers conference last February 15. 
She also said that if you’re risking your heart to be into something that has already beaten you once, you’re going to need a lot more will to move on and keep going with it. 
“Getting back into this kind of relationship takes a lot of courage. Siyempre if someone did this to you, parang ang hirap naman tumingin sa mga mata niya and pretend like everything’s okay. So it has to be the both of you na talagang want to fight for the relationship,” said Lovi. 
It won’t be easy, but she added that talking things through might help if both of you really want to mend the relationship. 
She explained, “Basically, I think communication is very important, more than anything. And honesty, because when someone was unfaithful to you, it’s kinda hard to trust that person again.” 
Also starring Erich Gonzales and Tom Rodriguez, “The Significant Other” follows the story of a rising fashion model (Erich) who catches up and becomes BFFs with her catwalk idol (Lovi). But all hell breaks loose when they realize that they are in love with the same man (Tom).  
Catch this Joel Lamangan-directed film this February 21 in cinemas!