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Xian, game na ba sa mas sexy?

Xian answers: "What's next after 'Sin'?"

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

2/22/2018 in News
Xian, game na ba sa mas sexy?

Xian Lim has admitted that he was a ball of anxiety when he began shooting his new, steamy flick "Sin Island".

The movie's themes of sin, marriage, and infidelity are a definite stretch for Xian whose comfort zone lies in clean-cut romantic comedies. Ever passionate about his craft though, he resorted to consultations with the project's creative heads, Direk Gino M. Santos, his crew, and screenwriter Jancy Nicolas to make sure he was taking his character where it needed it to be. 

"Definitely at first, ang dami ko talagang tanong eh. It was very new for me coming from a whole different genre na rom-com, na love story. It felt uneasy at first," he revealed during the film's Grand Media Launch.

He continued, "Pero working with Direk Gino and everyone involved on the set, very hands-on kasi sila eh. I think doon pa lang nawala na 'yung kaba ko, especially doon sa mga eksena na hindi ko pa gamay gawin."

And with great passion comes great success! "Sin Island" is regarded as a critical and commercial win, a worthy risk for all parties involved in its production. So yes, Xian's proved his salt as a romantic leading man, and he's exceeded all expectations as the flawed and sensual David in "Sin Island". 

So what's next?

According to the actor, he's not impartial to taking on sexier roles in the future, as long as it will push his career forward.

"It really depends on the story," the actor said.

"Is it gonna make me grow more as an actor? Is it gonna open more opportunities? Is it gonna make me better as a person? [If yes,] go tayo diyan!" 

He continued, "I'm an actor, and I want to be able to do as many roles as possible."

"Sin Island" is directed by Gino M. Santos and also stars Nathalie Hart. It is now in its second week in cinemas.