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Why Richard didn't let Sandrino slip away

What’s next for Richard after “La Luna Sangre”?

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

2/21/2018 in News
Why Richard didn't let Sandrino slip away
If you ask Richard Gutierrez about his role as Sandrino in “La Luna Sangre,” he’ll be the first to admit it’s one of his riskiest and darkest roles ever.
At the series’ Thanksgiving Press Conference yesterday, February 20, the actor related just how nervous - and thankful - he was when he accepted the role of the vengeful vampire.
“When I first started this journey with 'LLS,' I kept an open mind dahil syempre first time ko gagawin ‘to sa career ko… I think sometimes not only in the craft of acting but also in life, you always have to take risks, and sometimes those risks pay off,” he said. “I think the risk that I took to come here, be a kontrabida, it paid off for myself and sa audience na rin.”
Richard also related that while it was nerve-wracking for him to play a villain for the first time, it made him discover more of his skills as an actor.
“Nung nabasa ko ‘yung role ni Sandrino, sabi ko I have to do this character. Challenging siya, bago, exciting and na-expand ko 'yung horizons ko as an actor,” he said. “Kung offer-an ako na maging kontrabida ulit, why not? Basta maganda ‘yung role.”
As for the next steps in his career, Richard admitted he has to step back and take some time off first, because his stint in “La Luna Sangre” has been really intense.
“‘La Luna Sangre’ is a very tough act to follow. It’s my first time as a very dark character, it’s my first time in ABS-CBN, it’s my first time to work with my co-actors, with my directors, ang daming firsts… I’m going to take a little bit of time off to rejuvenate and spend time with my family… after that we’re gonna start a movie para fresh lang ‘yung approach,” he said.
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