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Nathalie Hart talks doing sexy scenes with Xian Lim

What did Nathalie tell Xian before they shot their sizzling, sexy scenes?

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

2/21/2018 in News
Nathalie Hart talks doing sexy scenes with Xian Lim
Sex scenes are hard work, admits "Sin Island" star Nathalie Hart.
The actress is considerably more experienced in the mature roles department than her male co-star Xian Lim, having been a stand-out in the controversial 2016 film "Siphayo". She's taken her clothes off for film before, while Xian has largely been recognized as the ideal cinematic leading man in romantic comedies. 
And in their new film, where they play Tasha and David, two lost souls who found physical comfort in each other while on vacation in the idyllic and titular Sinilaban "Sin" Island, the two were tasked to engage in some of the hottest sex scenes mainstream media has seen in years. Filming it was no easy feat. Shooting a love scene, aside from being a technical challenge, also requires a great deal of professionalism from all parties involved. 
While both Xian and Nathalie have that in spades, it didn't save them from the awkwardness the situation posed. 
Nathalie revealed during the film's Grand Media Launch last February 12 that she gave Xian one piece of advice before they got down to business.
"Doon sa mga love scenes na ginawa namin, sinabi ko nalang na 'gawin mo nalang at gagawin ko nalang din.' Para we can just finish it," she said, "It wasn't easy for me too...it was very awkward for me too. It really is awkward."
According to Nathalie, Xian's clean-cut reputation, as well as his relationship with on-and-off-screen leading lady Kim Chiu, was a factor in her insistence to "just get it over with".
She explained, "I understood, of course, that it's Xian's first time and that he has a relationship outside of this drama so I didn't want to interfere with that. Para sa akin, I just wanted to finish the job at matapos 'yung araw."
However awkward and difficult it might have been to shoot, Xian and Nathalie's hard work paid off. "Sin Island" has been enjoying a largely positive critical and commercial success since it premiered in cinemas two weeks ago.
"Sin Island" is directed by Gino M. Santos and also stars Coleen Garcia.