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Inigo, excited nang matuto bilang MYV VJ!

Kaninong VJ daw amazed na amazed si Inigo?

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

2/21/2018 in News
Inigo, excited nang matuto bilang MYV VJ!
Newest MYX VJ Inigo Pascual begged off comparing himself to the other MYX VJs in an interview with PUSH TV.
“I wanna really learn,” he said. “More than anything, I just want to be able to really show what I got - not to compete with anybody, [but] just share my passion with everyone and really get to learn from them as well.”
“Sigurado naman ako na meron silang skills na hindi ko kaya and the same goes for me naman,” Inigo added.
He expressed his excitement over being a VJ, adding that he’s looking forward to challenging the others in singing or dancing.
The young singer also revealed he’s looking forward to working with VJs Donny (Pangilinan) and Sunny (So Young Kim).
“Donny, actually, has been one of my closest friends ever since I started and we haven’t actually worked [together],” he said. “This is actually cool - at least we get to hang out and work at the same time.”
And as for VJ Sunny, Inigo admitted that he’s a big fan.
“Ang galing niyang mag-Tagalog,” he said with awe. “I mean, the fact that she’s Korean just amazes me, and everyone knows naman that I’m a big fan of K-Pop and really just the whole Korean culture, so naa-amaze ako every time I see VJ Sunny.”