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Diego wants to be the master of his own happiness

Diego: "I'm hoping this... will be a wake up call to certain people."

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

2/20/2018 in News
Diego wants to be the master of his own happiness

In a series of Instagram posts today, February 20, actor Diego Loyzaga talked about how people can sometimes be drowned by the noise of others' opinions.

Diego strongly believes that no one is in charge of your own happiness but you. He wrote, "Funny how people think they have the authority to tell you what to do and not do in life. Dictating what you should and shouldn’t do. What will make you happy and what won't. What will make you look like a better person and what will make you look like a villain..."

He feels like no one should be able to decide for himself but him, and that even if he experiences failures or makes mistakes, it's all part of his growth.

"Well, this is my two cents. Honestly. I don't care if my form of happiness isn't the kind that you understand/comprehend. If my way of being happy isn't 'right' for you, too bad because it's what makes ME happy. Not you. ME. And last time I checked, it is my life. So I guess no one else gets to decide about what I should or shouldn’t do apart from me. And if in the future I make mistakes along the way, I’ll accept them, accept the repercussions and accept it like an adult and deal with what I have to," he said.

The "Pusong Ligaw" actor wants others to chase after their own dreams, too, and not let anyone stop them from doing so. "But when it comes to my well-being (and this goes to anyone reading this) why let other people dictate how you should feel. Towards you. Or towards others. Live your life. To the fullest. Make mistakes. Learn from them. Become a better person each day. But never. Ever. Ever. Ever. Let anybody take your happiness and dreams away from you."

He continued, "Don't ever let yourself be less than what you really are because someone says you can't be more. I'd choose being happy with the people I love more than being famous, rich, and heartless with an entourage that doesn’t give a  about me."

At the end of his post, however, Diego cleared that his long message is not a rant, but rather a wake-up call for anyone reading to live a life with no regrets.
"Not ranting guys. There [is] no problem. Just been hearing some stories and I'm hoping this call will be a wake up call to certain people. The purpose of this is post is to inspire. Not make an issue. To the % of people who understood this post, I hope you make the most of yourselves and each opportunity that comes your way. Life is short. Be happy. Live life to the fullest."