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THOUGHT PICKS: When is it okay to procrastinate?

Hunk-actor perfectly explains how millennials get away with doing things at the last minute

Marty Hsu
Marty Hsu

2/19/2018 in News
THOUGHT PICKS: When is it okay to procrastinate?
“I procrastinate. A lot.” 
Tom Rodriguez told us without a hint of shame when we asked him to spill his worst habit. 
He even has a special term for it, which is sure to raise some eyebrows but will surely entice the average millennial. 
“I call it 'passive absorption,' [it’s] when you're gathering your research material,” he said with a grin to the camera. 
Now, that level of pride could have seemed arrogant but once Tom said it, we immediately knew what he meant. Like he took the words right out of our mouths. 
He explained, “We used to do this in college, siguro parang nakuha ko 'yung process where we'd have a deadline instead of doing it right away, which was what I was supposed to do as my teachers told me.”
But before you get too excited, Tom admitted that this method isn’t foolproof, as saving things for later could also be a trap for some serious dysfunction. 
“Instead, you'll go and absorb inspiration and it turns into laziness. Kasi 'yung reference gathering mo nasa TV ka na, mamaya may controller ka nang dala,” he said. 
To avoid this, you just gotta keep that sense of urgency and know when it’s time to really get down to business. 
“Pero bigla, 'Ah due na siya in two days?' For some reason, it all just pours out. It's the opposite when you go to the drawing table in the beginning of your process, it's just blank,” said the “The Significant Other” actor. 
Some may think a blank space is the perfect platform for creativity, and while we think that that’s true, we also agree with Tom when he described it as one of the scariest things a millennial could face. Anxiety alert! 
“You're just intimidated by that blank page. You're intimidated by the possibilities,” he said. 
But when you’ve already had the time to prep and the ideas to deliver, the courage will just kick in at the very moment you need it. 
“Unless you gather your inspirations and you focus yourself like a lens towards work. I think your worst qualities might end up being useful,” Tom ended.