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The Fallen of ‘La Luna Sangre’ (Part 4): Mortals

Remembering Dory (Sylvia), Betty (Gelli) + more #LaLunaSangre

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

2/18/2018 in News
The Fallen of ‘La Luna Sangre’ (Part 4): Mortals

In the never-ending war between wolves and vampires, the LLU and Supremo’s (Richard Gutierrez) forces, many innocent mortals were either turned into vampires or killed in the crossfire.

As “La Luna Sangre” comes to close, let us remember the people that were casualties of a war they never really knew.

Maria Villalobo was Sandrino’s mother, but more than that, she was a frightened woman. She had been forcefully impregnated by Magnus Imperial (Jake Roxas) and bore her son as a result of that incident. When the young boy started being violent and hurting others, specifically drinking the blood of animals and other children, she locked him up in a shack in the woods to keep him out of sight. She was later killed in a fit of rage by a young Sandrino.   

Rodolfo Mallari (Joey Marquez) was a senator and rival of Supremo’s Gilbert Imperial in the run for president. Having known about vampires, he stood firm in wanting to be president in order to protect the people and didn’t give in to Supremo’s offers of immortality and strength. After the vampire attack at his vacation home (“Moonchasers massacre”), the vampire king approached him again. Sen. Mallari killed himself to prevent being turned into a vampire and becoming one of Supremo’s followers.

Dory Lumakad (Sylvia Sanchez) was Malia’s Miyo’s (Kathryn Bernardo) surrogate mother. She and her husband Berto (Dennis Padilla) couldn’t have children of their own so they opened their home and hearts and took in orphans like Greta (Meryll Soriano), Kuto (John Steven de Guzman), and Lisa (Chun Sa Jung). She took in Miyo after finding out he had no place to go. She was good-hearted and loving, but also firm as a parent, disciplining her kids when it was needed. She tragically died in a gas explosion that was set up to kill Miyo.

Nisha Echavez (Karel Marquez) was the executive assistant to Sen. Salvador Paglinauan (Freddie Webb) who was often sent out to help Supremo’s Gilbert Imperial. She helped recruit Ningning Ramos (Kristel Fulgar) into Youtopia and got close to Tristan’s (Daniel Padilla) sister Apple (Maymay Entrata) in an effort to scare the young Moonchaser. She showed her loyalty to Supremo by telling him of the senator’s cooperation with the Moonchasers and their plan to expose him. Sadly, this didn’t save her from the vampire king’s wrath and was killed.

Sen. Paglinauan was Supremo’s business partner and running mate in the presidential elections. He often dealt with mortals under the vampire king’s bidding and proved himself to be a loyal subject due to his fear. He orchestrated the gas explosion that killed Dory Lumakad and the assassination attempt on Miyo who had evidence of his illegal dealings. He even tried to kill Tristan for always meddling in his plans. He later tried to kill Gilbert Imperial at the presidential rally and was killed by security for doing so.

Betty Toralba (Gelli de Belen) was Tristan and Apple’s beloved aunt, sister to Tonio (Romnick Sarmienta), and daughter to Gabriel (Noel Trinidad) and Pina (Debraliz Valasote). She raised the two kids after her brother passed and took great care of her elderly parents. When she and her family went to live with Tristan in the city after years of separation, she made sure to shower him with love and affection. She fell in love with her nephew’s surrogate father Doc (Randy Santiago) and agreed to marry him. She was tragically killed by Supremo’s vampires on her wedding day, right after she and Doc sealed their marriage with a kiss.

How many more lives must be lost, victimized by a war they didn’t understand?

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