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The Fallen of ‘La Luna Sangre’ (Part 3): Isang pag-alala sa mga lumisang bampira!

Remembering Nognog (Francis), Barang (Shamaine) + more #LaLunaSangre

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

2/18/2018 in News
The Fallen of ‘La Luna Sangre’ (Part 3): Isang pag-alala sa mga lumisang bampira!

Vampires may have been painted the villains in the story of “La Luna Sangre,” but not all of them were as bad as their leader Supremo (Richard Gutierrez). All started out as human, were turned into creatures of the night, and some had no choice but to follow the vampire king’s orders to continue living.

As “La Luna Sangre” comes to close, let us remember the vampires and forces of Supremo that lost their lives.

Rica Toralba (Tanya Garcia) was Tonio’s (Romnick Sarmienta) wife and mother to Tristan (Daniel Padilla) and Apple (Maymay Entrata). Also a Luna, she and Tonio fought against vampires together. Along the way, she became pregnant with the child of the vampire Magnus Imperial (Jake Roxas) and was taken in by Sandrino (Richard Gutierrez) and Barang (Shamaine Buencamino). She was later found by Tonio and brought back home to San Isidro. Years later, she was turned into a vampire and sadly died at the hands of her husband.

Diana’s (Sam Pinto) transformation into a vampire was the first shown on the series. Supremo had taken a liking to her and bit her himself when she proved worthy of his time. She proved herself to be a loyal follower, but was killed when the vampire king was suspicious of his inner circle.

Therine (Myrtle Sarrosa), Myka (Miho Nishida), and Joshua (Young JV) were all part of Supremo’s inner circle. When the vampire king first suspected a traitor amongst them, he appointed Therine to find him or her. Therine was later framed to be the traitor and killed.

Joshua was later revealed to be the real traitor, leaking secrets and plans to the head of the Moonchasers Samantha (Maricar Reyes-Poon). Supremo killed him and Myka for good measure, ensuring no more of his plans will be told to the group working against him.

Chino (Derick Hubalde) was the vampire that attacked Ningning (Kristel Fulgar) and discovered the Moonchasers as an enemy. He was tasked with following Tristan (Daniel Padilla) out to San Isidro when he and Toni (Malia [Kathryn Bernardo] in disguise) fled the city. He attacked them and was killed in battle.

Nognog Sebastian (Francis Magundayao) was one of Malia’s childhood best friends and Ningning’s boyfriend. He was turned into a vampire when Ningning was attacked by vampires and fell into the hands of Supremo when she was unable to kill him. He had always struggled with Supremo’s way, having a good heart deep inside that overpowered his thirst for blood. He sacrificed his life so that Veruska (Ina Raymundo) and Jethro (Dino Imperial) could escape from Supremo’s lair.

Omar (Ahron Villena) was a good friend of Malia’s grandfather Noah (Piola Pascual). He reluctantly helped Malia by serving as her spy within Supremo’s ranks, but later turned his back on her when his wife was taken hostage by the vampire king. He gave Catleya (Sue Ramirez) over to Supremo to be tortured and later paid the price when Malia took his life.

Boris (Ali Khatibi) was a member of Supremo’s second inner circle and was boasted to be a jiu-jitsu expert. He owned the construction firm that was building Supremo’s blood farm. He was sent to follow Jacintha (Angel Locsin) after their leader was shot with a bullet made with wolf’s teeth. He was killed by the Lady In Red herself in order to keep her identity a secret.

Barang was the vampire and seer that raised Sandrino. When the Lunas attacked their home and Tonio (Romnick Sarmienta) stabbed her adoptive son in the chest, she gave up her powers as a seer to protect Sandrino with the cursed ink and turned him into a full-fledged vampire in the process. She and Sandrino shared the same vision of a perfect world and when she saw him wavering from that path because of his political strategist, Barang did her best to put a stop to their relationship. She became suspicious of Jacintha and later discovered that she was working with Samantha. She is later killed by Jacintha in order to keep her identity a secret.

Katrina (Bea Rose Santiago) was a loyal follower of Supremo. She did all he bid, no questions asked, and did her job perfectly. When she was tasked to turn all of Pres. Osmundo Mercado’s (Cris Villanueva) guests at the Heroes’ Ball into vampires, Katrina found a way around the protection the Moonchasers had given the other guests by targeting the gatecrashers. However, Tristan - who at this point was a vampire and was Supremo’s right-hand man, the Imperator - put a stop to those plans when he killed her in order to save Malia.

How many more lives will be lost on Supremo’s campaign to power?

Catch the last two weeks of “La Luna Sangre” weeknights on Primetime Bida after “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.”