Lovi, mukhang kabit nga ba?

Guess who Lovi thinks has a “resting other woman face!”

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/18/2018 in News
Lovi, mukhang kabit nga ba?

Being cast in affair movies and TV shows isn’t new to Lovi Poe. More often than not, she gets the role of the “other woman” and well, she thinks it’s because she looks the part. 

“I think it’s my face. I always look like ‘the other woman,’” Lovi shared at the “The Significant Other” bloggers conference last Thursday, February 15. 

She even calls it her “resting 'other woman' face”, which didn’t come in handy in this film, as this time, she’s actually playing the wife. 

The actress is really glad to have portrayed the character of Maxene, whose husband cheated on her with her rival in “The Significan Other,” and hopes to inspire women that go through similar experiences. 

“Portraying the wife, I was really glad to do, because, let’s face it and it’s a sad story, a lot of women go through this kind of stories in their lives. Being able to portray the character of the wife shows people that they’re not alone. This movie will actually help them learn on what to do when someone is going through such a thing,” she said. 

Lovi also admitted playing the wife was more challenging for her, because it required a lot more emotions. 

“It’s harder to portray the wife, because siya ‘yung completely na nasasaktan. She’s more vulnerable. She’s more open to knowing, ‘Why my husband cheated on me,’ ‘what’s wrong with me,’ all of these questions. The insecurity is there. ‘Am I not enough? Am I not good enough?’ Those things come in. Emotionally, mas masakit talaga ‘yung pinagdadaan ng wife,” she said. 

She added, “When you’re the other woman kasi nasasaktan din siya, of course. But then, choice niya kasi manakit eh. You take action on it. Ginawa mo din eh, kumbaga choice mo din makasakit ng tao.” 

Also starring Erich Gonzales and Tom Rodriguez, “The Significant Other” follows the story of a rising fashion model (Erich) who catches up and becomes BFFs with her catwalk idol (Lovi). But all hell breaks loose when they realize that they are in love with the same man (Tom).  

Catch this Joel Lamangan-directed film this February 21 in cinemas!