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Lorin, Venice, binastos Malaysia

Ruffa, daughters escorted out of Malaysian theme park after encounter with “creepy men”

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/18/2018 in News
Lorin, Venice, binastos Malaysia

All Ruffa Gutierrez wanted was a fun day at a theme park with her friend and daughters Lorin and Venice, but all they got was an unpleasant treat from “creepy old men” instead.

The former beauty queen lashed out on a Malaysian theme park for letting such group of people in, via Twitter last Thursday, February 15.

“Theme parks should be a safe place for children and families to enjoy their holiday!” said Ruffa.

She shared that Lorin and Venice were left in tears after encountering these men at the theme park, who also tried to take photos of the two underaged girls.

“My friend and I were buying food while my daughters were off to ride the roller-coaster. My daughters suddenly ran back to me in tears, saying that they were harassed by several ‘old men’ who also snapped their photos,” she said.

Later she added that they were escorted out from the theme park until they were back safe inside their car after reporting the incident.

The following day, Ruffa clarified that even though they had to cut their trip short, they still had “a fantastic experience” in Malaysia and that she won’t let this unfortunate event affect the she ways she sees its citizens.