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The Fallen of ‘La Luna Sangre’ (Part 2): Moonchasers

Honoring Samantha (Maricar), Jacintha (Angel) + more #LaLunaSangre

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

2/17/2018 in News
The Fallen of ‘La Luna Sangre’ (Part 2): Moonchasers

As Supremo’s (Richard Gutierrez) forces were encouraged to feast on human blood as often as they could, innocent mortals were victimized by their unending thirst. Families and friends of those who died at the hands of vampires bound together to fight, to avenge their lost loved one and to make the world a safer place for mortals.

And so the Moonchasers was formed. An organization of young men and women who sought to save mortals from the dangers of vampires. They did extensive research, trained hard in combat, and went on various missions, all to prevent what happened to them from happening to someone else.

As “La Luna Sangre” comes to a close, let us remember the Moonchasers that lost their lives in the fight for the safety of others.

Lauren Catapang (Jane De Leon), Joey Martinez (Michelle Vito), and Rocky (Kyle Verches) were a few of the first batch of Moonchasers that welcomed Tristan (Daniel Padilla). They successfully carried out their mission to protect Luningning Ramos (Kristel Fulgar) together, fighting against vampires side-by-side.

Lauren was the first to fall, having been killed before what is referred to as the “Moonchasers massacre.” She was overwhelmed after hearing Prof. T (Albert Martinez) tell Sen. Mallari (Joey Marquez) that the Moonchasers were prepared to give their lives to protect others and aborted her mission. Sadly, before she could escape and go back home, she was found by one of Supremo’s (Richard Gutierrez) vampires and was killed.

Joey and Rocky charged into battle against the vampires, having been determined to avenge Lauren’s death. They fought valiantly and took down many enemies, but sadly died themselves.

Rambo (Lance Pimentel) was taken by Supremo’s vampires after the Moonchasers’ massacre. He was taken back to their lair and presented to Supremo himself. The vampire king questioned him about his group and turned him into a vampire when he wouldn’t comply. Rambo never wavered and died fighting, not once betraying his friends.

Adee Ilagan (Patrick Sugui) was also a member of the first batch of Moonchasers. He and Tristan didn’t get along well at first, but later formed an unbreakable bond of friendship. He survived through their missions on Ningning, on Sen. Mallari, and even on Sen. Paglinauan (Freddie Webb), but he sadly didn’t survive facing Supremo himself. Adee died at the hand of the vampire king when he came to take his half-brother.

Aife Javier (Barbie Imperial) was part of the second batch of Moonchasers. She and Hanno (Joe Vargas) were taken along with Tristan by Supremo and were held captive in his lair. She was unfortunately recaptured by vampires when the Moonchasers and LLU tried to rescue them. She was killed by Supremo right in front of Tristan.

Samantha Imperial (Maricar Reyes-Poon) arrived just in time to save her Moonchasers from Supremo’s vampires. Bursting forth a vision in white, she gunned down every vampire that tried to kill her recruits. It was later revealed that she was the leader of the organization.

After finding out Supremo is her brother, Samantha worked tirelessly to get his heart start beating again so he can continue living as a mortal. However, in order to protect her ally, she disguised herself as Supremo’s enemy and faced him in battle. Her heart started beating after Sandrino opened up to her as her brother and he used it against her, killing her once and for all.

Jacintha Magsaysay (Angel Locsin) was first introduced as Supremo’s mortal alter ego Gilbert Imperial’s political strategist. It was later revealed that she was the Lady In Red, the infamous destroyer of Supremo’s plans, and the founder of the Moonchasers organization.

She worked side-by-side Samantha in building the organization and when she passed, she worked with Prof. T. She did her best to train Malia (Kathryn Bernardo) so the Bagong Itinakda would be prepared for the night of la luna sangre. On that fateful night, Jacintha went up against Sandrino and won. It was a hollow victory for she was forced to kill Tristan shortly after to prevent his transformation into a vampire. She later vanished, with no body left behind.

How many more must suffer at the hands of vampires?

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