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The Fallen of ‘La Luna Sangre’ (Part 1): La Liga Unida and Lunas

Remembering Mateo (John Lloyd), Lia (Angel), and Tonio (Romnick) + more #LaLunaSangre

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

2/17/2018 in News
The Fallen of ‘La Luna Sangre’ (Part 1): La Liga Unida and Lunas

“La Luna Sangre” tells the story of a continuing war between good and evil with Malia and Tristan, played by Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla respectively, in the middle of all the chaos. Though these two lead the charges against the evil forces of Richard Gutierrez’s Supremo, they aren’t the only ones who fight for peace for all.

As “La Luna Sangre” comes to close, let us remember those of La Liga Unida (LLU) and the Lunas that fought valiantly for peace amongst all the races.

Mateo (John Lloyd Cruz) and Lia (Angel Locsin) Rodriguez were the first casualties on the show. The pilot week showed their peaceful life together in San Isidro with their little girl Malia (Erika Clemente). After years of living as humans, as they gave up their powers to save their daughter when she was born, they were thrown into a loop when an old friend told them about the new prophecy regarding Malia and Supremo. The two gave their lives in an effort to protect their little girl from the vampire out for her blood.

Tonio Toralba (Romnick Sarmienta) died around the same time as Mateo and Lia, another casualty of Supremo’s first ever attack. A former Luna, Tonio raised his children away from the world of vampires and wolves after his wife Rica (Tanya Garcia) was turned into a vampire and he was forced to kill her. He died protecting his adoptive son Tristan (Justin James Quilantang) from a number of Supremo’s followers, but not before the young boy learned how to defend himself from vampires.

Benjie (Wowie de Guzman) was the Luna in charge of getting the Rodriguez family to safety when they fled San Isidro. Clarisse (Nina Dolino), a wolf-member of La Liga Unida, assisted in their escape. They were both killed by Supremo’s followers chasing after the family.

Frederick Arguelles (Victor Neri), Lia’s successor as La Liga Unida’s Punong Bantay, was one of the many who died during what is now referred to as the “LLU Massacre.” Supremo had attacked the LLU’s hideout after finding out that Jethro’s (Dino Imperial) prophecy still held true and that he failed to kill the true Bagong Itinakda when he killed Mateo and Lia years prior.

Lydia (Nikki Valdez), the vampire-woman that raised both Mateo and Malia, sacrificed her life to protect the latter from Supremo’s clutches. Her tragic death was witnessed by the young girl herself.

Yago (William Lorenzo), along with almost the entire Luna force, were brutally killed by vampires as they were the LLU’s first line of defense.

LLU members Miguel (Michael Agassi), Nora (Mikylla Ramirez), Chloe (Hannah Ledesma), and Denice (Erin Ocampo) were also lost that day.

Erin (Polo Ravales) was the only Luna left in the force at the end of the LLU massacre. He helped Malia hide from Supremo in the city and helped her rebuild the LLU. Unfortunately, the deaths of his peers at the hands of vampires traumatized him so much that he couldn’t see the goodness in any of their kind. When it was revealed that Tristan is Malia’s prophesied enemy, the Luna was determined to take him out and defied orders to protect him. Erin was later killed by Sandrino for trying to kill his half-brother Tristan.

Veruska Arguelles (Ina Raymundo) was a mother who only wanted what was best for her son Jake (Tony Labrusca). She volunteered to blow Supremo’s lair to bits when the vampire himself arrived. She was overpowered, was bitten, and was turned into a monster hybrid when her wolf blood and the vampire venom mixed in her system. She was later used to attack the LLU, not having been in her right mind, when her son found her and kept her hidden and safe. The LLU tried to help her, tried to change her back into her old self, but nothing they tried worked. Jake was forced to kill her in order to give her peace.

Geneva Del Pino (Pinky Amador), a black wolf, was one of the newest additions to the LLU, having helped the group rebuild Waya Corp. after the night of la luna sangre. She and Soraya Laurent (Denise Laurel) had a hidden agenda while working with the LLU - to push Malia out as Punong Bantay and take their rightful place as the leaders of the group. She was killed on the night Soraya and Jake were dueling to decide who became the next Punong Bantay by Supremo’s vampires.

Senor (Tony Mabesa) was a member of the LLU’s council. He was killed by Supremo and was later found by Soraya, Vergel (Paolo Rivero), and Tasha (Garie Concepcion).

Vergel and Tasha joined the LLU from overseas just in time to help them save Catleya (Sue Ramirez) from Supremo’s clutches. They supported Malia’s leadership and did their best to embody what the LLU stood for. They volunteered to help Soraya protect innocent people from Supremo, but were sadly killed by the vampire himself because the leader of the black wolves deceived them.

How many more must be sacrificed in order to achieve peace?

Catch the last two weeks of “La Luna Sangre” weeknights on Primetime Bida after “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.”