MayWard: Back to the roots

Back to where it all began. What Maymay, Edward plan to do when asked to make “PBB” return

Marty Hsu
Marty Hsu

2/15/2018 in News
MayWard: Back to the roots
She is loud and cheerful. He is shy and reserved. You would think putting them together in one house is a recipe for disaster. But fate seems to be on our side, because out of a dozen other housemates, Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber were still drawn to stick with each other. 
It hasn’t even been a year yet since the “Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7” Big Night happened, but look at what these two have already achieved together. 
It’s almost been a year, but we still couldn’t get over all the sweet memories they’ve made on the show and they feel the same. 
If Maymay and Edward could just have it their way, they would very much like to go back to the big yellow house along with the next batch of housemates. 
"Gusto ko, gustung-gusto ko. Pero sabi nila malabo na daw bumalik,” she shared in an interview on “Push: Now Na” with Darla Sauler. 
The two Kapamilya stars may have A LOT of different projects on their hands rights now, but when the day comes and they get asked to return, Maymay definitely plans to share everything she’s learned to the next Big Winner hopefuls. 
"Sasabihin ko, 'Now, it's your turn, guys!' Siguro bigyan namin sila ng advice. Kasi nung nando'n kami, naloka kami. Nung nandun kami sa loob ng bahay, akala namin nando'n lang 'yung mundo namin,” she said. 
And boy, was she wrong. Because the moment they stepped back into their real lives, the world opened up for them. 
A blockbuster film, a high-rating teleserye, TV guestings here and there, chart-topping singles, an upcoming concert, and their most recent feat, a breathtaking Making Mega cover and spread that took the online world by storm. 
They shot it in Germany in Edward’s hometown, where they also got to spend the holidays and got to know each other on a whole new level. 
"Nung nakilala ko siya sa 'PBB' half lang 'yun eh. Nung nakilala ko siya sa Germany, mas buo. Mas okay siya. Mapagmahal siya sa pamilya niya, maalaga nang sobra kasi nakita ko talaga mismo. Nagustuhan ko sa kanya binibigyan niya ng time 'yung papa niya, mama niya, kapatid niya,” Maymay revealed to “Push: Now Na”. 
Edward had his own observation on Maymay as well and it was less deep compared to hers. "Akala ko si Maymay she cannot survive without rice. Nung na sa Germany siya, [we ate] bread, vegetable, mushroom, pasta."
There they were again, proving just how different they are but stays in each other’s side anyway.
That mushy feeling in your heart now? That’s the same effect MayWard gives us all. Since day one.