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Wil and Alodia announce their real relationship status

Fake relationship or not? Wil and Alodia clear the rumors in new vlog

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

2/14/2018 in News
Wil and Alodia announce their real relationship status

Wil Dasovich and Alodia Gosiengfiao make the inevitable revelation about their relationship in time for Valentine's Day.

In Wil's most recent vlog, uploaded today, February 14, (PH time), he finally opened up on the floating question every single one of their fangirls and fanboys are dying to know the answer to -- Are they together? Is #WiLodia real?

Before Wil and Alodia shoot for the confirmation, they narrated the beautiful things that happened between them. And it's making our hearts burst from kilig! The two traveled together many times to film vlogs, but the most special for Wil, are the down times they spend with each other.

He said, "I guess the most intimate moment is just being able to relax together. Talking about our day and just recapping what happened, and just expressing our gratitude for all these experiences."

Throughout the video, we'd see how affectionate the two are, and towards the end, Wil puts the rumors to rest. 

"So, yeah, she's my girlfriend. Secret's out," he said.

Watch how Wil and Alodia confirmed their love, here!

We still couldn't get over that cute kiss! 


Wil recently survived from cancer after battling it for the past six months, with Alodia not leaving his side throughout the whole ordeal.

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