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#LLSApocalypseRage Scene of the Day: The cure?

Uyy, si Tristan (Daniel), nagbabalik-loob?! #LaLunaSangre

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

2/14/2018 in News
#LLSApocalypseRage Scene of the Day: The cure?

La Liga Unida made a breakthrough on last night’s (February 13) episode of “La Luna Sangre.


Lemuel’s (Khalil Ramos) work on the serum to reverse the vampire transformation finally got positive results! Hooray!

When Malia (Kathryn Bernardo) received the good news, she immediately wanted to tell Tristan (Daniel Padilla) in the hope it would change his mind about wiping out all the vampires and wolves in the world. This is our scene of the day! And here’s why:

  • How Malia and Lemuel explained their research on the serum using the fang of the first wolf and various plants from around the world (GRABE TALAGA. When did Lemuel become such a genius???)

  • The way Malia said they’ve finally had a breakthrough (She looks so proud, and she should be! Her team worked hard on that serum! :D )

  • How James (Kirst Viray) entered the greenhouse (okay, he’s probably just being wary because he thinks Tristan is Supremo’s [Richard Gutierrez] new right-hand man)

  • The way Tristan approached him and gestured for him to raise his hand, palm up (What are you trying to do, Tristan?)

  • How he suddenly cut James’ hand (WOAH TRISTAN!)

  • How James screamed in pain (YIKES! That must have hurt!)

  • The way Lemuel went to James’ aid and Malia told Tristan to stop (Yeah! Defend your ally!)

  • The look on Tristan’s face when he realized James is no longer a vampire (Surprise and longing? There’s finally a way to get back to his old life! Congrats, you guys!!)

After seeing what the LLU’s serum can do, Tristan told Malia he would fight with them instead of against them. (YAAAAAAS!!!)

Elsewhere, Miriam (Erika Padilla), Gael (Bryan Santos), Baristo (Joross Gamboa), and Jethro (Dino Imperial) continued to suspect Soraya (Denise Laurel) of possibly working with Sandrino. Their suspicions only grew when they saw her go into the office building of a company the Imperial Corp. took from them. When they questioned her, she stated that she had her ways to get what’s rightfully hers. Not convinced of her innocence, the four decided to present this issue to the council.

In other news, Prof. T (Albert Martinez) finally finished the serum he’s been working on with his colleague, a serum that could end all vampires and wolves. He told Tristan he needed a test subject and the young man was fortunate enough to find one in Greta (Meryll Soriano), whom was following him.

How will Sandrino strike at Tristan? And will the LLU be able to do anything about Soraya’s suspicious actions? Catch the last three weeks of “La Luna Sangre” weeknights Primetime Bida after “FPJ's Ang Probinsyano."