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3 different ways to celebrate Valentine's Day if you're single

Alone this Valentine's? Let these award-winning actors give you a boost!

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

2/14/2018 in News
3 different ways to celebrate Valentine's Day if you're single

Hey you, there is nothing to fret about being single on Valentine's Day! Sure, you may have a couple of taken friends who made plans tonight, and you have no choice but to spend the day by yourself. But everyone is still free to belong to the burst of romance happening today.

In separate exclusive interviews, we were able to ask celebrities for advice for people who will celebrate this Valentine's Day brokenhearted or just plain single.

Actress Jasmine Curtis said it's important to express your love for yourself. And we totally agree, because how are you going to share love to someone if you can't love yourself in the first place?

As Jasmine phrased it, "Okay lang 'yan, love yourself first. Then, the love of someone else will follow". 

Loving yourself can be in the form of treating yourself to a nice lunch, taking care of your needs, and choosing your own happiness.

Meanwhile, for those who are wishing that they are in a relationship today, "Changing Partners" actor Sandino Martin gives you a different perspective.

"'Wag kayong magmadali. Someone's on his way or on her way para sa'yo. And try going out. Not in a bar but watch a lot of movies with someone. Go on a date," he shared.

Primetime King Coco Martin, on the other hand, has suggestions on who can be your date tonight!

He said, "Okay lang 'yan. Hindi naman kailangan may boyfriend [o girlfriend]. Kumbaga, 'yung Valentine's naman, hindi naman definitely para sa mga mag-nobyo, pwede mo namang ka-Valentine's ang magulang mo o mga kapatid mo. Kaya kung wala ka mang boyfriend [o girlfriend], o wala ka mang kasama sa buhay, i-enjoy mo lang."

Right you are, Coco! So, is you're single, do not think that you are not loveless. You just need to find somebody to enjoy this day with, and it's up to you to make it special! Happy Valentine's Day!