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Sharon reveals past loves on social media

Here’s why Sharon is the “original” Taylor Swift!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

2/13/2018 in News
Sharon reveals past loves on social media
Sharon Cuneta has given us juicy details about her love life past and present, and it’s the perfect thing to welcome Valentine’s Day with!
The Megastar shared her “history” by replying to a viral Facebook post that theorized her past loves. She used her private account April Mondragon, her character from debut film “Dear Heart” with former husband Gabby Concepcion.
Sharon freely dropped the names of her showbiz exes, including Albert Martinez, Rowell Santiago, Richard Gomez, Robin Padilla, and of course Gabby, but didn’t go into detail the exact time frames they happened.
“Albert Martinez (phone pal puppy love only), then my first real love, Gabby. Then Rowell. Back to Gabby. After the marriage ended, someone non-showbiz, J na lang I will call… Then Richard. Robin. Richard. Non-showbiz C, then Richard again. Kiko, and Robin in between all the Richard time frames and everyone else's somewhere too,” she wrote.
The "Unexpectedly Yours" lead actress then continued that great loves begin with “R.”
“Let’s just say great loves begin with R… Not including great love ex-hubby kasi asawa ‘yon. Iba ‘yon. Naks!” she said.
Sharon even joked that she’s the “original” Taylor Swift, because of all her admirers in the past.
“Sorry Taylor Swift. Actually, you don't even come close. Wonder of wonders! Hahaha! Doesn't matter now… Hindi naman ako gandang-ganda o sexyng-sexy sa sarili ko (balita ko lang ay may X-factor at cute at sexy at actually, SENSUAL naman daw ako!)... pero di ko rin alam bakit ako ang niligawan nila,” she said.
She also came to the defense of husband Sen. Kiko Pangilinan, because fans kept saying they only married for political reasons.
“If I wanted influence and billions I could've had it,” she said. “It's okay. I built and made my own.”
Sharon further added that she knows in her heart Kiko has never cheated on her, despite persistent rumors of his infidelity.
“He has never cheated on me. I have smarts, I have my ever-reliable intuition (I am VERY sensitive to these things), I have the means… No one has ever come forward with solid proof even after my offer of ten million pesos to anyone who could give me proof. Later even raised my 'reward' to thirty million. Wala pa rin… Oh please. I'm too special for my husband to look elsewhere,” she said.
Si Sharon na talaga ang may pinakamahabang hair sa’ting lahat!
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