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#LLSApocalypseRising Scene of the Day: Field trip

Malia (Kathryn) tries to change Tristan’s (Daniel) mind #LaLunaSangre

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

2/13/2018 in News
#LLSApocalypseRising Scene of the Day: Field trip
Malia (Kathryn Bernardo) took Tristan (Daniel Padilla) on a little field trip on last night’s (February 12) episode of “La Luna Sangre.”
She begged him to let her try and change his mind against his plan on annihilating all wolves and vampires and he surprisingly agreed to give her a chance. This is our scene of the day and here’s why:
  1. How Malia decided to bring Tristan to a community of wolves and vampires to show that they live just like people (Oh, how quaint!)
  2. The way they bowed in respect for the Punong Bantay when she walked by (So respectful!)
  3. How she took Tristan’s hand when the family they were with was about to pray (I knew they’re about to pray but ayiiiieeeeeee holding hands hihihi <3)
  4. The look on Tristan’s face when the man of the house offered him his hand (Gah, the vulnerability in his eyes! :( )
  5. How he remembered his family and how they ate together (HUHUHU FLASHBACKS HURT </3)
  6. The way Malia looked him in the eyes when she said, “Hangga’t may nagmamahal sa ‘yo, may halaga ka. Mahalaga ka.” (Do you feel her sincerity? Because I do.)
  7. How she slowly held his arm and gently took his hand in hers (so sweet <3)
  8. The way she asked him to go back to them, to her (ANG SAKIT HUHU)
  9. How Tristan gently pulled away and left (AYOKO NAAAAA *cries*)
Back at the LLU, Baristo (Joross Gamboa) and Miriam (Erika Padilla) told the Punong Bantay of their suspicions about Soraya (Denise Laurel). She advised them to keep a close eye on her because they can’t let what they know of Tristan’s plan get back to Sandrino (Richard Gutierrez). (Too late…)
Elsewhere, Sandrino ordered his vampires to treat his brother as their enemy while at the same time to keep him in the dark about the knowledge of his betrayal. He then used his powers on Pres. Osmundo (Cris Villanueva) to find out Tristan’s true plan.
How much longer will Tristan be safe from his brother’s wrath? And will the LLU still protect him now that they know his plans to end their kind? Catch the last three weeks of “La Luna Sangre” weeknights Primetime Bida after “FPJ's Ang Probinsyano."