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EXCLUSIVE: Lovi tells when you should put on the sexy red dress

Get the best revenge by following this easy style guide by the country’s “Most Stylish” celeb, Lovi Poe.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/13/2018 in News
EXCLUSIVE: Lovi tells when you should put on the sexy red dress
Metro magazine recently named “The Significant Other” actress Lovi Poe as 2018’s “Most Stylish” woman in the country (tied with National Sweetheart Anne Curtis), but we have a feeling that her always Instagram-worthy OOTDs weren’t the only thing that earned her this title. 
She feels beautiful and empowered in her own skin and that level of confidence is just the sexiest and most attractive look anyone could get. 
It starts with feeling happy with the way you look and with this style guide, Lovi’s going to let you in on how to achieve that in all sorts of occasions. 
Like when you’re… 
1. Meeting your boyfriend’s parents. 
Lovi: "Wear something very presentable. Something a little conservative than the usual." 
2. Going to the airport. 
Lovi: "I always wear black because you never know what you're going to sit on. Minsan kasi baka mabuhos 'yung drink mo or something. Always wear black, sneakers, for sure. No makeup." 
3. Having Sunday lunch with the fam. 
Lovi: "Something relaxed. A white oversized polo and jeans." 
4. Going to a job interview. 
Lovi: "It's very important to look very smart and casual at the same time. Good pair of black jeans or trousers. A nice polo or an accessory like an [ascot]." 
5. Attending a high school reunion. 
Lovi: "You can wear whatever you wanna wear because they've loved you in high school and they will love you still." 
6. Going on the first date. 
Lovi: "Wear something conservative with a little bit of tease. It's either a covered top and show your legs or show your top and you cover your legs." 
7. Having the last date. 
Lovi: "Oh, you have to look your best because that's the last time they're gonna see you! Make them remember what they lost." 
8. Meeting your ex’s new girlfriend. 
Lovi: "You have to be a little toned to make them feel a little less bad. Just kidding! Just wear whatever you want, it's not a big deal." 
9. Winning back your significant other. 
Lovi: "I think it's time to put the red dress on."
Catch Lovi in the upcoming film “The Significant Other” with Erich Gonzales and Tom Rodriguez. 
It follows the story of a rising fashion model (Erich) who catches up and becomes BFFs with her catwalk idol (Lovi). But all hell breaks lose when they realize that they are in love with the same man (Tom). 
Directed by Joel Lamangan, it's coming to cinemas this February 21.