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Everything you need to know about KZ's meeting with Jessie J

KZ, "hindi nakahinga" dahil kay Jessie J!

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

2/13/2018 in News
Everything you need to know about KZ's meeting with Jessie J

KZ Tandingan described her first encounter with international singer Jessie J during her press conference today, February 13.

A certified fan of the "Price Tag" hitmaker, KZ has always been in awe of Jessie J's talent. It didn't take long for KZ to meet her idol because as fate would have it, they recently competed in the Chinese singing competition "Singer 2018".

KZ happily described how her "accidental" meet-up with Jessie J happened. She said:

"Alam ko talaga na eventually makikita ko siya after performing [sa 'Singer 2018']. So, parang nung araw na 'yun, magsa-start 'yung taping namin ng mga 9 pm. Tapos nangyari 'yung aksidenteng pagkikita namin nung mga 4 pm. Since I'm a challenger, wala pa ako dun sa parang 'PBB' ('Pinoy Big Brother') house nila, nasa labas pa lang ako, sa holding area."

KZ continued, "'Yung holding area na 'yun, nandun 'yung banyo na pinakamalapit sa studio. So parang 'yung ibang mga artists, dun sila dadaan sa dressing room ko sa labas."

At that time, KZ was reciting her spiels for the program, in English. So when Jessie J heard that there was someone who also speaks English in there, she went inside to check who it was!

KZ said, "Na-curious siya [Jessie J] kung sino 'yung challenger. Tiyempo na 'yung music partner ko, palabas, so bukas 'yung pinto. Tapos rolling pa 'yung camera para sa interview ko. Tapos bigla siyang sumilip sa pinto..."

The country's Soul Supreme wasn't able to hide the inner fangirl in her. "Literal po talaga na hindi ako makahinga. Tapos hindi ko alam ang sasabihin ko. Tapos gusto niya akong tumabi sa kanya, hindi ako makatabi." 

KZ also shared that Jessie J encouraged her a lot on her performance. As told by KZ, Jessie J said to her, "I know you're very scared. Be proud of yourself, don't let the results define you. just do your best, sing your heart out."

"Singer 2018" is the highest-rating show in China. It is a singing contest that pits various professional singers in one stage. KZ joined at the show's fifth week, clinching the top rank. She will continue to the show's Week 6 of competitions, which will air this Friday, February 16.

In a previous story, KZ shared some of her plans for the upcoming episode.

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