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Erich, Lovi, and Tom define significant others

Everything you need to know about your significant other

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/13/2018 in News
Erich, Lovi, and Tom define significant others
People always tell us that there is a significant other dedicated for each and every one of us. That you have to find them or just wait until they find you. 
But how do you know that you’ve found yours? And what do you do after? 
We couldn’t think of better people to teach us the basics than the stars of the upcoming film “The Significant Other” — Lovi Poe, Tom Rodriguez, and Erich Gonzales. 
At their media conference last Sunday, January 11, Tom first described how to recognize a significant other and the signs that you’ve met the one for you. 
"Someone na naglaan ka ng emotional investment, 'yung sinasabi nila you're bonded for life. Nararamdaman talaga natin 'yun, 'yung sobrang pagmamahal. 'Yung pansarili mo, nakakalimutan mo na. It's just weird nga kasi usually tayo inuuna natin 'yung mga sarili natin,” said Tom. 
“Nagugutom tayo, pagod tayo, pero pagdating sa part na pagmamahal, hindi mo naiisip 'yung gutom,” he continued. “Hindi mo naiisip 'yung pagod, hindi mo naiisip 'yung pagod sa buong katawan mo. 'Yung naiisip mo 'yung kapakanan ng mahal mo. At 'pag may isa dun na sobrang tindi talaga ng pagmamahal mo, 'yun na talaga 'yung significant other mo. Usually there's just one you're whole life." 
When you’ve recognized yours, it’s best to know how to treat him or her. It’s easy, it’s to give them the love and attention that they deserve and don’t ever break their trust, like how their characters did in “The Significant Other”. 
Nicole, portrayed by Erich, fell in love with a married man but chose to fight for him anyway. In real life, the Kapamilya star could never imagine herself in the same position, because she’s got a very clear perspective on what she does not want to be. 
"No offense sa mga nasa same situation ng character ni Nicole, kasi may iba-ibang reason naman bakit sila nandoon sa situation na 'yun. But speaking for myself, Rule No. 1 talaga is never be No. 2. So hindi tayo dadating sa puntong 'yan,” Erich shared. 
And when somebody decides to pull a Nicole on her significant other, Lovi reveals she would probably be a lot more chill than the average vengeful partner. 
"I've never done it before and I don't think I can. For me, it's best to handle everything with grace. The best revenge is live a good life. I think that's the best way to do it,” said Lovi. 
“The Significant Other” follows the story of a rising fashion model (Erich) who catches up and becomes BFFs with her catwalk idol (Lovi). But all hell breaks lose when they realize that they are in love with the same man (Tom). 
Directed by Joel Lamangan, it's coming to cinemas this February 21.