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Sharon celebrates renewed friendship with Gabby

Could this really just be the beginning of more Sharon and Gabby togetherness?

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

2/12/2018 in News
Sharon celebrates renewed friendship with Gabby

Sharon Cuneta’s renewed friendship with former husband Gabby Concepcion has brought her the most gratitude and joy.

Hours after the release of their TV commercial last Friday, February 9, the Megastar took to Instagram to relay how happy her reunion with Gabby went.

“I had a feeling this would be something special - mainly because every single thing Gabby and I ever did and made together (including our daughter, hahaha!) was a sure success, and in more ways than one,” she wrote. “I didn’t know what to expect in terms of how our public would receive us now that we are older, now that we have been apart for 26 years onscreen, & not exactly friends offscreen... But now I have been overwhelmed... too happy...in major disbelief.”



Sharon related that the success of their reunion, even if it’s only for a commercial, made her both laugh and cry out of relief.

“I again realized the power of Gabby’s and my team-up... we would always pull at our audience’s heartstrings and help them remember how love in its purest form - simple, true, beautiful - can make anyone of any age feel so consumed by it and by the joy only it can bring; for all to always feel young - and in love,” she said.

Calling Gabby her “original Prince Charming,” she thanked him for all the blessings she’s received because of him.

“Thank you, Gabby. For the years of true love, for KC, for all the happy memories... We just picked up from where we left off. The power of ‘US,’ Gabby,” she said.

Sharon ended the post by saying this is only the beginning of their reunion.

“This MAY just really be ONLY THE BEGINNING...😉 We might still be just what you all needed, could learn a thing or two from, especially in this day and age. We love you!”

Sharon made her big screen comeback last year with “Unexpectedly Yours.”