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Every single time John Lloyd Cruz was spotted living his life, compiled!

The definitive list of every John Lloyd Cruz sighting in 2018.

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

12/5/2018 in News
Every single time John Lloyd Cruz was spotted living his life, compiled!

John Lloyd Cruz has stepped away from showbiz for a hot minute now, and as we continue waiting for him to make his big comeback, it seems as though the entire country is finding a lot of joy in playing paparazzi on the beloved legend. 

After announcing an indefinite leave from his career as one of the country's biggest leading men, he's been spotted out, living his life, being a bearded dad, sometimes buying fruits, less than 20 occasions for the entirety of 2018, and down below is every single time we found proof that he still exists outside of our favorite movies and our favorite fantasies. Enjoy!

The actor was seen with his girlfriend Ellen Adarna's family at a small get together. 

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At this time, Lloydie was seen with Ellen and a few relatives in Palawan, where he's been planning on purchasing a sweet beach-front property for his new family.

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The actor was seen in another surprise birthday party for Ellen, who looked quite pregnant during the celebrations, in Cebu.



A post shared by The Tavern Cebu (@thetaverncebu) on



A post shared by The Tavern Cebu (@thetaverncebu) on



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A very bald John Lloyd was seen in Ellen Adarna's surprise spa-themed birthday party, which he allegedly organized himself.

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John Lloyd was spotted on vacation with his heavily pregnant girlfriend in Amanpulo. 

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He also posted a photo of his "Home Sweetie Home" co-star Miles Ocampo who celebrated her 21st birthday last May 1 on Instagram 

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June saw three separate John Lloyd sightings. He went on a night out in Cebu where he jammed with a live band at The Tavern. 

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Prior to this, he was spotted in a doctor's appointment with Ellen in Chong Hua Hospital

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He was also seen at the Pasig City Office of the Prosecutor, attending the preliminary investigation for Ellen's child abuse and cyber crime case, filed by Myra Abo Santos, the mother of Eleila Santos, the minor the actress accused of being a "paparazzi" in a string of Instagram stories back in May. 



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On the 13th, John Lloyd took selfies with fans at Mandaue, Cebu and then hopped onto a bike like a normal human being. We stan.

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Ellen gave birth in July, so of course Daddy went shopping for baby things with his almost sister-in-law Kim Araneta-Adarna.

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The new dad was seen buying fresh Durian at a fruit stand based in Bulacan.

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In perhaps his most popular sighting to date, John Lloyd rode the Ikot jeep at the University of the Philippines in his full, bearded glory.



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Just last month, he reunited with one of his closest friends, "One More Chance" co-star Maja Salvador and their handler Nenette Rustia.



A post shared by Nenette Rustia (@netdrustia) on


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He was also seen grocery shopping with Ellen, and we never thought we'd say this, but we could look at John Lloyd trying to decide on a ketchup brand all our lives. 

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