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Sharon Cuneta, naging 'tame' ang kissing scenes with Richard Gomez!

Sharon Cuneta "warned" daughter about her kissing scenes in "Three Words to Forever"

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

12/3/2018 in News
Sharon Cuneta, naging 'tame' ang kissing scenes with Richard Gomez!

In their younger years, Sharon Cuneta and Richard Gomez were known for some of the hottest kissing scenes in Philippine cinema. But in "Three Words to Forever", their reunion film, they had to dial back their on-screen passion and chemistry to a "family movie" level, and the Megastar couldn't be happier about the upgrade.

Speaking at her Bloggers Conference last Thursday, November 29, she said, "It was very, very tame. I told Frankie [her eldest daughter with husband, Francis Pangilinan] nga eh, 'Honey, did you know that there are scenes there, between me and Tito Richard, that are kissing scenes? I just have to tell you, they are a 100% tamer than all the kissing scenes we've done before.'"
"Three Words to Forever", says the Megastar, is a "fresh" undertaking for her on-screen partnership with Richard, in that it is a significant step away from their "brand". She explained, "I think also, a lot of people thought [that] since this is a reunion movie, that it was going to be a 'Sharon-Richard movie' because we will get a lot of questions na parang, 'Is there gonna be a love scene? A bed scene? Will there be kissing scenes?' and we would say it was a family movie. It's so wholesome, it's a team effort, we don't take credit for it."

"Napaka-tame na namin, smack na lang!" she pressed, drawing laughs from the press.
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