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‘PBB OTSO' Karina, nahihirapang pumili?!

'Di pa rin ba nakakapag-move on si Karina?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

12/20/2018 in News
‘PBB OTSO' Karina, nahihirapang pumili?!

by Tania Denise Escueta 

On “PBB OTSO” Day 40, 16-year-old Karina Bautista opened up to Kuya about her unyielding longing for Aljon Mendoza. She told Kuya that she badly wants to see him; even asked God for a sign that if Aljon comes back inside the PBB House, or even if she just sees Aljon - she will choose him over his boyfriend outside. She is torn over who to choose at first, her boyfriend or Aljon? 

"'Yung feelings ko nga...alam kong meron pa rin naman doon sa boyfriend ko, pero meron na rin po kasi kay Aljon tapos hindi ko talaga alam Kuya. Tapos 'di talaga ako makapili," she told Kuya last night, December 19. 

Kuya, in return, advised her to follow her feelings less and let her brain decide for what's best. Plus, someone's definitely going to get hurt if she rushed things, so she should really think this through.

Watch the full video here: 

On the same day, during the housemates' preparation for their next task, Karina still can't get over the fact that Aljon is actually back and even has a chance to get back inside the PBB house. She was also planning to finally admit her feelings to Aljon. Her housemate, Jelay, asked her the dealbreaking question, "Eh paano na 'yung boyfriend mo, Karina?"  

Watch how she answered it here:

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