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‘PBB OTSO’: Rhys, Reign, at Ali, tinalikuran ang housemates?!

Naging usap-usapan ang decision ng former Star Dreamers sa isang challenge!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

12/14/2018 in News
‘PBB OTSO’: Rhys, Reign, at Ali, tinalikuran ang housemates?!

By Tania Denise Escueta

Rhys Eugenio, Reign Parani, and Ali Albinal, are three former Star Dreamers who have earned their spot inside the "Pinoy Big Brother: Otso" House and recently became official housemates.

As seen on "PBB: Otso" Day 33, the three were called to the confession room as they were instructed by Kuya of what would be their next challenge; they were made to decide which team to help- their former co-Star Dreamers or their current housemates. Without a blink of an eye, they’ve decided to withdraw their help from the housemates, and side with the Star Campers.

Their mindset behind this decision was that they want their former co-Star Dreamers to finally get inside the house and become official housemates, and they’d also feel less guilty over the possibility of the current housemates getting evicted if they failed to win the “DecemVersus Challenge”.

Consequently, the three became the subject of the series of bashing and hate from the local netizens.





Of course, there are still some who understand the reason behind their decision.





Do you think they made the right decison? 

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