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'PBB: Otso': The closeness between Rhys and Reign

Todo ang pagpapa-cute ni Rhys kay Reign!

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Star Cinema Admin

12/12/2018 in News
'PBB: Otso': The closeness between Rhys and Reign

By Tania Denise Escueta 

It looks like there's a new partnership brewing inside the "Pinoy Big Brother" house!

Rhys Eugenio, the 17-year-old Sportisoy Hearthhrob ng Tarlac, was originally from Camp Star Hunt who became an official housemate when Art Guma got evicted. 

Meanwhile, Reign Parani, the 15-year-old Sporteen Sweetheart ng Canada, entered Camp Star Hunt right after Rhys became an official housemate. Silly how destiny works!

After a series of challenges, Reign finally earned her spot inside the "Pinoy Big Brother: OTSO" house and became an official housemate last Sunday right after Aljon Mendoza got evicted.

There's no denying that Rhys was definitely starstruck the moment he saw Reign; they were instructed by Kuya to play volleyball as Reign's first task. Although they were unable to win the challenge, they were still happy to finally see each other's faces. 

As seen on the following episode, Rhys playfully ran around the house to show Reign the confession room. He even groomed himself, earning him the series of "yieee!" from the other housemates. 

Are they the new "PBB" ship we'll be obsessing over? Only time will tell!

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