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Tommy Esguerra, 'not friends' with Miho Nishida: 'We're already done'

Tommy Esguerra finally breaks silence about TomiHo split!

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

12/11/2018 in News
Tommy Esguerra, 'not friends' with Miho Nishida: 'We're already done'

More than a year after calling it quits with ex-girlfriend Miho Nishida, Tommy Esguerra is finally speaking out about the painful split in public. 

The "Three Words to Forever" actor opened up on "Tonight With Boy Abunda" yesterday, December 10, and explained his reasons behind staying quiet for so long. During the height of the TomiHo breakup controversy back in April 2017, he had stayed mum, and never released an official statement to the press. 

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He said, "[Me and Miho] were together for two years... I've avoided this question. [For a long] amount of time in our relationship, there was so much stress and so many problems, especially with the fans and work getting involved that we weren't so happy."

He continued, "I don't have [a lot of] good things to say about the unhappy times, so I don't want to ruin the good times we had by talking about the bad times. And because we're already done, you know?"

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According to Tommy, he is neither friends with Miho nor in speaking terms with her. The separation seems to do him wonders though, and he has since moved on to a woman he refused to name publicly.

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