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WATCH: Maymay Entrata's supermodel runway walk!

Edward Barber always looks at Maymay Entrata like he wants to hold her close (and never let her go).

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

11/8/2018 in News
WATCH: Maymay Entrata's supermodel runway walk!

You know what we live for? A supportive jowa. That's why we're giving all praise for Edward Barber who dropped down on his knees, pretending to hold a camera as his on-screen partner Maymay Entrata served us her best runway walk. 

This moment happened as they were wrapping up a press interview at the recent "Fantastica" Promo Shoot and we 👏 got 👏 it 👏 all 👏 on 👏 camera!! Pro-tip, skip to 7:11 on the video below.

First of all, that runway walk is actually 10/10. Second, you should rewind and watch that whole video because Edward barely takes off his eyes from his leading lady and it will give your MayWard heart so much life.

You can watch more videos of MayWard here:

Maymay and Edward will star in the upcoming Vice Ganda-led comedy "Fantastica", Star Cinema's official entry to the 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival.

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