Jake Zyrus, engaged na!

Our hearts are happy for Jake Zyrus!

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11/26/2018 in News
Jake Zyrus, engaged na!

"When somebody asks if Shyre Aquino and I are already engaged of course we say it,” singer-actor Jake Zyrus admitted for the first time in the program "I Know Right!" with Darla Sauler and DJ Jai Ho.

Jake and Shrye officially became together in August 2017.

“This is totally different from the past. Usually sa isang relationship, first year pabebe ka pa. First month pa lang ng relationship namin naging kumportable na ako sa kanya,” he said.

Jake was also proud to say that Shyre was extremely thoughtful when he had his breast removal surgery last year.

“Nung time na nag-top surgery ako siya ‘yung nag-alaga sa akin. Sinabi ko na I was going to transition. Nakilala niya ako nung Charice ako at ang sabi niya sa akin mahal kita kasi ikaw ‘yan.”

And when asked about the exact date of their engagement, Jake said, “Regalo niyo na sa amin. 'Yun 'yung naiba sa relationship na 'to and I enjoy it so much. Masaya ako na alam niyo, pero masaya ako na we have some things na kami lang ang may alam."

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