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Daniel Padilla, nawalan ng phone sa Sydney!

Watch Daniel Padilla’s heartwarming reaction to losing his phone in Australia!

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

11/17/2018 in News
Daniel Padilla, nawalan ng phone sa Sydney!

In a new vlog from Robi Domingo posted last November 15, Daniel Padilla revealed that he had lost his phone while in Australia for “ASAP” Sydney.


Daniel looked visibly upset while speaking about the incident, saying, “It’s not about the phone, you can always buy a new phone. It’s the files, it’s the pictures, and I also cannot contact my girlfriend, man. The problem is, she’s gonna be very, very mad at me.”

The “girlfriend” he’s speaking of is, of course, Kathryn Bernardo who couldn’t come with him to Sydney due to her filming commitments in the upcoming Cathy Garcia-Molina film “Three Words to Forever”, which will be released this November 28.

KathNiel topbilled the smash hit "The Hows of Us" which is the highest grossing Filipino film of 2018 as of writing.

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