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A LOOK BACK: Nadine's best Star Cinema movie moments

Here are Nadine Lustre's most memorable big-screen outings!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

10/31/2018 in News
A LOOK BACK: Nadine's best Star Cinema movie moments

Nadine Lustre is a woman who wears many hats. She's a musician, a makeup maven, and a businesswoman, but she is first and foremost one of the best actresses of her generation.

We're putting a spotlight on three of her most memorable movie roles to date: Sam in "Talk Back and You're Dead", Becca in "Para Sa Hopeless Romantic", and Abi in "Beauty and the Bestie". Let's look back on the career of the country's unapologetically millennial star! 

1. "Talk Back and You're Dead"



As Sam, Nadine served us with a girl who might be getting the short end of the stick earning the ire of the dangerous (and dangerously hot) Top (James Reid) but she found a way to make a negative into a postive through strength of will and sheer optimism. Sam was outspoken and fearless and dare we say, one of the best role models for young women in recent years. 



That Sam is drop-dead gorgeous is almost an afterthought when side-to-side with her inner beauty.

2. "Para Sa Hopeless Romantic"



Continuing her tradition of playing independent women who found strength through love, Nadine followed up with Becca. Through the power of her talent, this girl carved herself her own happy ending and isn't that what we should all aspire to?



Underneath a simple college girl exterior, Becca was hiding a steel-tinged heart and Nadine played with this contrast beautifully. Of course, her character got the guy in the end, but then kung ganoon ka ba naman kaganda at ka-talented, why wouldn't you?

3. "Beauty and the Bestie"



In "Beauty", Nadine played opposite the country's biggest comedian Vice Ganda. She stretched her comedic chops and delivered! Her commanding screen presence ensured that Abi was the apple of the audience's eyes in every scene she was in. Funny, beautiful, and strong, everybody wanted to be Abi when she hit the big screen in 2015. 

What's your favorite Nadine movie? 

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