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All of Aga Muhlach's characters in Star Cinema movies to steal your heart!

Get you a man like Aga!

Kirsten Olaño
Kirsten Olaño

10/3/2018 in News
All of Aga Muhlach's characters in Star Cinema movies to steal your heart!

Blessing our eyes with his debonaire boy-next-door vibe since the late 80s, Aga Muhlach could very well be the original matinee idol who inspired the many actors we see in the big and small screens today.

With every character that he’s portrayed throughout his career, Aga melted thousands of hearts from mothers down to their daughters. 

He will definitely top the list of being the ideal boyfriend any day - with all his Star Cinema movie characters combined! And in celebration of National Boyfriend's Day, today, October 3, let Aga show every man how to make his woman feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.

Get your notes, pal! 

Doc Aga in "Oki Doki Doc: The Movie:" 

It's a 101 pogi points when a man makes life easier for his woman by fetching her from the airport after long hours of travel, like what Doc Aga does to Alex played by Agot Isidro in "Oki Doki Doc".

Enteng in "Kung Ako Na Lang Sana" 

The best way to a woman's heart is through her mind! That's why Enteng deserves a standing ovation when he gave Emmy, played by Sharon Cuneta, her most wanted book to read. 

Raffy in "Dubai"

They say “Don't trust a man who can sing,” but when Raffy had the courage to sing in front of a crowd just to take away Faye’s (Claudine Barretto) stresses in life, he sure knows what effort really means. 

Emman in "In The Name of Love" 

Aside from antibiotics, what a woman needs when she's sick is the tender love and care from the man who truly adores her. When Cedes, played by Angel Locsin, felt sick, Emman never left her side, attended to her needs, and made sure that she will regain her strength once more.   

Tell us about your boyfriend's greatest gesture for you, ka-Fam! And guys, do think you're doing the right things as a lover? Let us know in the comments! 

Meanwhile, see more of Aga in his latest romance-drama movie with Bea Alonzo in "First Love" directed by Paul Soriano. 

Produced by TEN17P together with Star Cinema and Viva Films, "First Love" starts showing in cinemas on October 17. 

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