She’s The One’ The Novel: Bea, hindi na nakawala pa kay Dingdong after their first dance!

Who can blame Cat (Bea) for falling madly in love with Wacky (Dingdong)?

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Star Cinema Admin

She’s The One’ The Novel: Bea, hindi na nakawala pa kay Dingdong after their first dance!

Let's go back to the moment of Wacky (Dingdong Dantes) and Cat's (Bea Alonzo) first dance: when he held her for the first time, stared at her like she's The One but too afraid to admit it, but also too scared to let her go.

As "She's The One" the Novel by Pao Flores will be available soon in bookstores, here is the first draft of the novelized version of this “friend-zone” movie, released in 2013, directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar.  

"She was not ready. Cat was grateful for the decent space between them that would make any Maria Clara proud. The music began --- the sound of a rondalla recording suitable for a folk number..." 



While we wait for its release, here are more extended scenes from the movie: 

‘She’s The One’ Extended Scene: The viral video of David’s (Enrique Gil) search for his dream girl! 

'SHE'S THE ONE' DELETED SCENE: Bea, hindi matiis si Dingdong

SHE'S THE ONE' DELETED SCENE: LizQuen, nakuryente sa isa't isa!

She’s The One’ Extended Scene: Bea at Dingdong, nag-break sa harap ng kanilang barkada!

She's The One' Deleted Scene: Ganito alagaan ni Dingdong si Bea!

Also in the movie are Enrique Gil, Liza Soberano, Maricar Reyes, Guji Lorenzana, Erika Padilla, Marc Solis, Coleen Garcia, and more! 

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