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Every gruesome death in 'Bloody Crayons', ranked

From a gory poisoning to a horrifying slit throat, here are the best death scenes in "Bloody Crayons"

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

10/25/2018 in News
Every gruesome death in 'Bloody Crayons', ranked

"Bloody Crayons" has everything you could ever want in a teen gore galore: a psychotic heartbroken killer, a squad full of relatable characters, and of course, violent deaths that are just on this side of gratuitous (which, if you're a horror fan, you know this is never a bad thing).

In this film, we saw some of the industry's brightest young stars  Janella Salvador, Jane Oineza, Maris Racal, Ronnie Alonte, Sofia Andres, Diego Loyzaga, Yves Flores, Empoy Marquez, and Elmo Magalona, fight for their loves and lives in the most horrific of ways and as Halloween draws near (and it's still Ghost Month, after all), it's high time we fondly remember the brutality of this almost two-hour long spectacle. Malay mo, may costume ideas ka pang makuha, 'di ba?

Here are the most violent deaths in "Bloody Crayons":

5th place:

Jane Oineza's Olivia

In a hilarious twist of events, the Psycho Killer turned out to have the least exciting death. Olivia fell off a cliff at the end of the movie, and while it was pretty sad and cathartic (if we're being honest), it scores pretty low on our Gore Score.

Gore Score:

4th place: Empoy Marquez's Gerard

Gerard was the third person in the "Bloody Crayons" squad to die, and it could be argued that his death is the most tragic. Initially shot in the stomach during an "agawan baril" moment between two emotional teenage boys, Gerard died slowly and painfully and he didn't deserve any of it.

Gore Score:

3rd place: Maris Racal's Richalaine and Yves Flores' Justin 

Richalaine and Justin's joint death via falling down the stairs and blowing their heads off at landing is arguably one of the high points of this movie. We love a good tragic struggle. 

Gore Score:

2nd place: Diego Loyzaga's Kenly

The "cheating" ex-boyfriend gets second place in this list. Olivia had slit Kenly's throat while he was strapped by his friends in a chair for "being violent". We still can't get over the image of how his head hung low as his throat drips in blood. Kadurdur.

Gore Score:

Big Winner: Sofia Andres' Marie

Aaaaand Olivia's first death takes the top spot! Marie died because of some poisoned water which quite literally melted her insides. Puke and blood were everywhere. Death never looked so good, and we're still shook.

Gore Score:

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