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5 Halloween costume ideas from your fave Star Cinema flicks

Go girly with Athena from "Gangster" or Lotus Feet from "Feng Shui" this Halloween!

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

10/24/2018 in News
5 Halloween costume ideas from your fave Star Cinema flicks

Halloween 2018 is fast approaching and if you still haven't figured out what costume you'll be wearing to whatever party you'll probably attend, why not take a page from your favorite Star Cinema characters?

If you're feeling girly (and you don't want to spend on anything more than a wig), you can pull off a solid Athena from "She's Dating a Gangster" or if you're feeling nostalgic, then you can serve the ultimate terrifying throwback by dressing as Lotus Feet from "Feng Shui". And if these ideas don't exactly rock your boat then keep on browsing, there are plenty more costume inspos below from some of the most iconic films in recent years.

1. Be Athena from "She's Dating the Gangster"!

Pull out your favorite items from your time as a 90s kid, don a wig (or just let your hair air dry alam mo namang never naging totoo ang "I woke up like this") and just tell everyone you're dressing as Kathryn Bernardo from "She's Dating a Gangster". Easy peasy!

2. Channel the under-the-sea realness of the Salazar sisters from "Four Sisters and a Wedding"!

After years of waiting, it is finally time to formally and publicly announce your obsession with "Four Sisters and a Wedding". The Salazar sisters are cultural icons, so why not look back on this film's iconic wedding scene and imitate the sisters' hilarious under the sea gowns? You'll be the belle of the ball dressed up like an octopus or a jellyfish or a mother of pearl. Added bonus na lang 'yung magva-viral ka.

3. Feel super with costumes of Gandarra, Rapido, or Queenie from "The Revenger Squad"!

There's no shortage of Filipino superheroes you can dress up as. There's Vice Ganda, Daniel Padilla, and Pia Wurtzbach's characters from "The Revenger Squad". Yes, mapapawisan ka but you'll stand out in a crowd.

4. Sandy from "Bakit 'Di Ka Crush ng Crush Mo" 

Here's another "wig lang ang kailangan mo" costume. And you need a big, curly one if you want to channel Kim Chiu's "Bakit 'Di Ka Crush ng Crush Mo" character. Speaking of big, you'll need to break out your trusty eyebrow pencil too because Sandy not only has big hair, she's got big eyebrows to boot! Wear something hilariously floral to complete the look. 

5. Lotus Feet from "Feng Shui"

This costume will make everyone hate you, but it's Halloween so ano’ng pake nila, 'di ba? If you dress up like Lotus Feet from "Fung Shui", which is the stuff of your nightmares as a child, you'll get the privilege of awakening some deep-seated childhood fears from every single person you come across. So yes, that'll be fun. Just imagine all the Instagram Stories you'll be in. Iconic. 

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