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FULL TRANSCRIPT: Paul and Toni’s wedding vows

Direk Paul and Toni's sweet and tearjerking wedding vows will have you reminiscing about your #FirstLove!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

10/18/2018 in News
FULL TRANSCRIPT: Paul and Toni’s wedding vows

In spite of being public figures, Paul Soriano and Toni Gonzaga have kept their relationship low-key, opting to let the love they have for each other radiate through actions rather than words.

In their wedding vows for each other during a Christian ceremony held last June 12 in Taytay, Rizal, Paul and Toni let words from the heart flow: not too cheesy, yet sweet and sincere.

Highlights of the wedding were aired last night, June 13, on “Perfect Together: Paul and Toni’s Wedding Special” of ABS-CBN’s Sunday’sBest.

Here’s the full transcript of their wedding vows.


When I saw you come down that aisle, I saw everything; my future, the beautiful mother of my children in the future -- that was the rest of my life right there, my partner for life, my miracle. You are my number one priority right now. My happily ever after is in front of me right now, because sometimes you just watch that on television, in the cinema, but to have that in real life, is overwhelming. It’s only something God can direct, and I would never stop thanking him for blessing me with not just physically beautiful, but inside, so generous, so giving. You love so many people, and to feel that also is just, it’s overwhelming.

Eight years was super challenging. Stepping into your business was something very new to me even though my grandfather and my dad were in it, but to be now in the spotlight was tough, and there was always those people that wanted to harm us. But Jeremiah 29:11 says that no one will harm us. And that’s what he did. It’s not about the material things, it’s not about what you got, it’s the love, it makes me so rich. It makes me so alive. Thank you for giving that to me. God has really blessed me with you. I now see and feel and hope and know that the future’s gonna be great. I’m gonna be holding your hand now as we start the next eight years forever.

As we speak I’m actually producing and directing right now. I got my Super 8 guys. The reason why I chose to shoot you on Super 8 today is because we’re celebrating Super 8 years of love. You’re my Super 8. I really don’t want to stand here and promise you anything, as we’re always the type of couple that showed it rather than said it. I don’t wanna say things now and you’re gonna show me the video down the line and use that as a defense, so…  So instead of promising you and saying all these things, I always know that God’s word is alive and that’s what I’m gonna say to you today. God will never leave us, he will never forsake us, that there will never be a weapon formed against us that shall prosper.

Everyone in the eight years that we’ve been together said that we’ve been perfect together.  The only reason we are perfect together is that we have a perfect God in the center of this, and let's make sure we keep that perfect God in the center of all this at all times. I don't say this in public, we only do this in private, but I love you, Celestine!

The best has just begun. And just like the first time I met you, and you said to me, God bless you, and I’m here to say now, thank you God for blessing me with her. I love you so much. I’m gonna protect you and I’m gonna do my best to give you that love that your parents gave you. Let’s do this! I love you!” 


Paul, as I look back, I couldn’t help but wonder why you never left. Our relationship was never easy. And every time I would ask you, why are you choosing to stay with me? You would simply answer, because I love you. For eight years, you’ve fought for your position in my life. And there are times when I would see you get tired. But there was never a time you gave up. I know I’ve not been the best girlfriend for you, but from this day forward, I promise to become the best wife you will ever need. From now on, apart from God, you are my number one priority.

From now on your happiness is my happiness, what makes you sad will make me more sad, and what hurts you will hurt me the most. It has been a long journey my love, and now, we are finally getting married. And it is a great love story because God wrote ours. It was exactly eight years ago today when I said to become your girlfriend. And even then I knew in my heart that you’ll be the same man I would say yes to become my husband. Happy anniversary my love, and I am so excited to finally experience my life with you. We can now do whatever we want and there's no need to drop me home because now, you are my home.

For the first time, we don’t have to text each other ‘See you later, good night.’ We can finally see it face-to-face right next to each other. I love you Paul, and thank you for giving me your last name. I will love you forever with all my heart.”

Best wishes, Toni and Paul!

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