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Toni, John Lloyd, Dingdong + more, sino ang gusto mong maging boss?

Your favorite Star Cinema movie bosses together this Boss' Day!

Kirsten Olaño
Kirsten Olaño

10/16/2018 in News
Toni, John Lloyd, Dingdong + more, sino ang gusto mong maging boss?

Before one can become a boss, he first should learn how to be a follower. And once he becomes one, he should know how to lead --- the right way.

For most employees, their lives depend on their bosses. It is never wrong to please these great and workaholic folks for they carry not just the reputation of their company but their families as well.

Today, October 16, in celebration of Boss's Day, we compiled your favorite Star Cinema movie bosses that are too much too handle but too lovable to resist.

Vivian Rabaya in "Everything About Her"


Vilma Santos is Vivian Rabaya, the obnoxious lady boss of Nurse Jaica (Angel Locsin). She can turn everything she touches into gold, and she compares herself to chandeliers --- beautiful, bright, and to be held in high regard.

Even so, behind her merciless attitude is a heart filled with longing.     

I will survive. Kaya magtatrabaho pa rin kayo. And I still expects results. Hindi kayo ang may cancer. So, don't give me excuses."

Miggy Montenegro in "A Very Special Love"


Miggy, played by John Lloyd Cruz, is the boss we usually daydream of. Young, mysterious, and drop-dead gorgeous.

Can you stick with him until the end just like what Laida Magtalas (Sarah Geronimo) did in the movie?

Georgina Lorenzana in "You're My Boss"


Georgina (Toni Gonzaga) is the boss who needs rescuing! Her extreme dedication to lead takes her to the worst part of her self, and only a man like Pong (Coco Martin) has the ability to bring out the best version of her as a boss.

Bryan Bonifacio in "Seven Sundays"


Bryan is the kind of boss who isn't afraid to tell his assistant, played by Kakai Bautista, that he can't imagine living a life without her. Admit it, we all wanna hear it from our bosses from time to time, right?

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