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Get to know Sarah and Michan of One Music PH

Who are Sarah and Michan’s dream collaborations? Find out here!

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

1/6/2018 in News
Get to know Sarah and Michan of One Music PH

The newest artists under One Music PH Sarah Caballero and Michan are both ready to get to work on their music after having signed their contracts yesterday, January 5.

But to make great music, one needs to be inspired! Just which artists inspire these up-and-coming singers?

“Alicia Keys, Sara Bareilles, and Amy Winehouse,” Sarah, a pop jazz singer, shared.

“Mahilig ako sa pop, pero mas local kasi laki akong alternative nun,” Michan, an acoustic pop singer, revealed. “I’m a big fan of Sugarfree and right now, I’m looking up to Ebe Dancel.”  

The two also shared who they dream to collaborate with now that they have the chance to possibly work with different artists while under One Music PH.

“Dream ko ever since, and I think she’s one of my inspirations kung bakit ako nag-pursue ng music, will be si Kyla,” Sarah excitedly admitted. “‘Yun ‘yung parang ultimate dream for me. And then si Moira (dela Torre) would be a dream also.”

“Well, fan nga ako ni Ebe Dancel, so that would be one,” Michan said.

“And if babae, it would be Yeng Constantino,” she added, sharing that the famed singer was one of her mentors at a songwriting camp. “And I love the way she writes songs so medyo excited ako if ever that day comes.”

Well, anything’s possible! ;)