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Italian actor-director shares how 'Dolce Amore' helped his career

This Italian actor already misses working with LizQuen!

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

1/4/2018 in News
Italian actor-director shares how 'Dolce Amore' helped his career

Remember Roberto Marchesa from the Kapamilya teleserye "Dolce Amore"?

Roberto, played by the Italian actor-director Ruben Maria Soriquez, was the loving father to the character of Serena Marchesa, given life by actress Liza Soberano. After "Dolce Amore" concluded, Ruben still feels the difference that the top-rating teleserye made in his life.

In a story by PUSH yesterday, January 3, Ruben happily shared, "'Dolce Amore' is a blessing, really. Kasi 'Dolce Amore' now is being aired abroad, in Malaysia. So I get a lot of following requests from Malaysian fans. Not only Pinoys living in Malaysia, but also Malaysians. They love the teleserye."

Ruben was a theatre actor back in Italy. He then went to the Philippines to be a director, but then life took some turns which led him to land a role, perfect just for him, in "Dolce Amore".

After his stint in the teleserye, Ruben admitted that it opened more doors for his career.

"I got [a] role in an international TV series, I got it because of 'Dolce Amore'. Because the casting director knew me from 'Dolce Amore,'" he shared, adding that he also got cast in Star Cinema films "Can't Help Falling In Love" and "Unexpectedly Yours".

Ruben also shared that he already misses working with Liza and her leading man Enrique Gil.

"Sana, sana next year magkaroon ulit ng project with them," he said. 

Liza and Enrique lead the cast of the upcoming Star Creatives epicserye "Bagani".