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Vice, Anne team up for MEGA opening salvo

SISSY LOVE: Vice and Anne are the fiercest on these new shots for Mega magazine

Marty Hsu
Marty Hsu

1/3/2018 in News
Vice, Anne team up for MEGA opening salvo

This is what it looks like when two BIG stars like Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis come together for one magazine cover… TOTAL HOTNESS!  

MEGA magazine is starting the year right by putting together two of the most wanted celebs in the country in the name of collaboration and sisterhood. 


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“With new chapters and phases on their respective horizons, Anne Curtis (@annecurtissmith) and Vice Ganda (@praybeytbenjamin) join forces in an effort to redefine the beauty standard of today, as well as to reinforce the importance of holding on to dreams. Starting the year on promising grounds, we follow the two as they map out a year they intend to claim and own with pride,” it said on the caption. 

Anne expressed her delight over this first with her “sissy” Vice. “And it’s out ❤ Our first cover together,” she wrote on the caption with an outtake from their shoot by Mark Nicdao. 


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“It has been said that when two or more are gathered in a name then great things are sure to come to fruition, especially in an industry that thrives in pitting people against each other in the name of excitement and entertainment. But in the keen interest of starting the year on the right lane, we are swerving right into it and putting two of the biggest names in show business today to front our opening salvo for the year” – MEGA magazine. 


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