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Ano na nga ba ang naiiiba sa JoChard chemistry ngayon?

What do these “Sana Dalawa Ang Puso” stars have to say about Jodi and Richard?

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

1/25/2018 in News
Ano na nga ba ang naiiiba sa JoChard chemistry ngayon?
“Sana Dalawa Ang Puso” stars Carla Martinez, Buboy Garovillo, and Pinky Amador had nothing but good things to say about their co-stars Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap at an interview held on the show’s set yesterday, January 24.
“Jodi and I have worked [together] several times,” Carla said. “Jodi’s really someone who’s very dear to me and we’ve played as mother and daughter [before]. And even outside, off-screen, I really love her dearly, so it’s not difficult working with her.”
“Pareho din. Si Jodi naging anak ko na rin -  we did ‘Pangako [Sa ‘Yo]’ together,” Buboy added.
Despite having both worked with Jodi before, this is their first time working with Richard.
“Nag-e-enjoy lang kami,” Buboy said. “Si Richard, ang sarap kakuwentuhan - ang daming [niyang] kwento.”
“Richard is really a nice guy. It’s fun working with him. We have very good chemistry together as mother and son so it’s working really, really well,” Carla added.
Buboy and Carla play Miguel and Resa Co respectively, while Richard plays their son Martin.
“He’s Chinese and I’m not,” Carla explained their characters. “We started a business together and [then had] our only son. From there, I sort of concentrated on raising my son. [I’m a] very doting mother because he’s an only child.”
Pinky, on the other hand, has worked with both Jodi and Richard on their previous show “Be Careful With My Heart” (2012-2014), where she played Zenaida Belmonte, Maya's flight attendant teacher.
She plays Adele Laureano, aunt to Jodi’s Lisa and sister to Christopher de Leon’s Juancho.
“‘Yung role ko rito, ako ‘yung parang hingahan ni Lisa,” Pinky shared. “Because [when] the story opens, she’s being forced to marry Martin and ayaw niya. Ako [rin] ‘yung nagse-serve na parang buffer between her and her dad.”
When asked what they thought of the JoChard tandem and why it’s so beloved by fans, they gladly shared their insight.
“I think with Richard and Jodi, because they’re really good friends and they’ve worked so long, I think there’s always going to be that chemistry,” Carla said. She further noted that the JoChard chemistry in “Sana Dalawa Ang Puso” will be different from that on “Be Careful With My Heart” as there are two Jodis and two leading men on the show, the other being Robin Padilla.
“My observation with Richard is that he represents the quintessential gentleman next door,” Pinky said. “Not boy, gentleman - the educated, the decent, the caring, the well-mannered, the well-spoken.”
“For me, that’s what he represents and the thing is, that’s really how Richard is. Ganun talaga ‘yung pagkatao niya - he’s not acting, that’s just him,” she continued. “And Jodi has been around for a long time - she has experience in film, television, even in musicals - and nakikita ko why they click. Parang sa mga personality nila, swak lang.”
Catch “Sana Dalawa Ang Puso” on January 29 before “It’s Showtime”!