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Is Inigo ready to see Piolo settle down?

For Inigo, his dad Piolo isn't 41.

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

1/23/2018 in News
Is Inigo ready to see Piolo settle down?

How does a top profile celebrity like Piolo Pascual celebrate a birthday?

We expect a lavish, grandiose celebration for no less than the Ultimate Heartthrob of the country, but Piolo's recent 41st natal celebration was actually an intimate one. Piolo's son Inigo Pascual revealed in a story by PUSH, today, January 23, how their family celebrated it. 

Inigo said that they went to Sagada, describing the trip as special and quiet. "It was very, very special, sobrang intimate and really parang time to reflect. Parang gano’n ‘yung naging vibe ng buong trip and it was really nice. And my dad, not to put it out there, he is 41 but he’s like 21 years old, I don’t know why, but he is glad that I was able to be there."

"I’m glad that we stayed in the Philippines and actually went to a destination right here and bring the whole family and really spend time together," Inigo continued.

Now that his father is 41, does Inigo want him to settle down already?

The young recording artist replied, "That’s not [for] me to answer. That’s his decision, and my dad, he is just working on a lot of things, business and all that. And I am pretty sure when he wants to settle down he will if he chooses to."

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