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JM de Guzman opens up on realizations after battling drugs

"Sa huli hindi mo rin naman siya masisisi," says JM

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

1/22/2018 in News
JM de Guzman opens up on realizations after battling drugs
JM de Guzman is finally ending his showbiz hiatus with a much-awaited film comeback and for the first time ever, he's opened up at length about why he took time off in the first place: his almost fatal battle with drug addiction.
In an in-depth interview on "Rated K" last Sunday, January 21, the actor spoke about his two rehab stints and how it changed his perspective on drug use. 
According to the actor, he had problems with drugs even back his "Angelito: Batang Ama" days and was taken off the show for his drug abuse. He admitted himself into rehab not long after and accepted treatment for 11 months.
"Hindi ako naging sincere actually and genuine sa pag-confront ko sa issues ko noong first rehab ko. Gusto ko lang makalabas, galit na galit ako, malungkot na malungkot ako deep inside," he confessed. 
After his release, he took on Antoinette Jadaone's blockbuster hit "That Thing Called Tadhana" as well as the television series "All of Me". He relapsed months into the show, and was once again removed from a project for drugs. 
He explained, "The relapse itself is really painful for me. Nasayang ko ulit 'yung blessings and opportunities. 'Yung depression, 'yung anxiety, 'yung galit sa sarili, triple. I (was) slowly killing myself unconsciously."
As for his second rehab stint, JM was admitted into a facility in Lipa, Batangas where he tried to "manipulate the program" just like he did the first time. Fortunately, it didn't work so well. 
He said, "Um-acting-acting ako doon na everytime they tried to...hukayin ako kung saan nangaling 'yung relapse. I tried to stay away at aktingan sila, pero hindi nakalusot sa kanila so talagang naproseso, na-process 'yung issues ko sa loob. Isa-isa."
Two rehab stays, a tough internal battle, and two years later, JM is back and ready for work. Now, he sports clear eyes, an easy smile, and a changed perspective on drug use. 
He said, "[Ang drugs] sobra siyang manipulative na bagay. It will lure you na parang sobrang okay dito sa pupuntahan mo, sa ibibigay niya sa'yong state pero in the end, kukunin niya sa'yo lahat. Lahat ng malapit sa puso mo, lahat ng mahal mong gawin, lahat ng vina-value mo and sa huli hindi mo din naman siya masisisi kasi bagay lang siya."
"Kukunin niya rin 'yung self-respect mo and pagmamahal mo sa sarili mo."
Back in December 2017, JM announced that he's officially back with Star Magic.