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Iza hopes for people to accept every 'body'

How Iza is embracing imperfections in 2018 will inspire you

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

1/2/2018 in News
Iza hopes for people to accept every 'body'

In a busy world filled with a fascination for body "aesthetics" and "standards," Kapamilya actress Iza Calzado has pondered on how to change the game instead, and be more accepting of physical imperfections. 

On Instagram last December 31, Iza started to talk about insecurities that affected her on a magnified scale because of the nature of her work in showbiz.

She said, "Imperfections. I have so many of them. Stretch marks, cellulite, loose skin, folds, love handles, scars, and so many things I can be insecure about. I've been on the road to self-love for such a long time it seems like I've been battling this my whole life. It hasn't helped that I've been in the public eye for 15 years and have always felt dishonest with my seemingly perfect images that make it to print."

As a new year begins, Iza wants to fully embrace all that she is without fear. She also hopes for a revolution that will change how people perceive each other.

"In 2018, I will be more open and authentic about my journey as I've started to embrace myself more, thanks to following body positive accounts and being inspired by them, plus a supportive group of people around me especially my fiancé, Ben, and because of the wisdom and maturity that comes with age. I hope for a REVOLUTION on the way we see ourselves and other people," she wrote.

For Iza, we need to look deep into our values to be able to see change. "Love, respect, kindness, and compassion, are the key ingredients to this. I pray for more enlightenment and acceptance for every BODY."

Iza starred in the Star Creatives primetime drama "A Love To Last". She got engaged to longtime boyfriend Ben Wintle last October.