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#LLSTaken Scene of the Day: Spark

May tamang hinala si Malia (Kathryn)? #LaLunaSangre

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

1/19/2018 in News
#LLSTaken Scene of the Day: Spark

Malia (Kathryn Bernardo) went on a mission on last night’s (January 18) episode of “La Luna Sangre.”


The LLU’s Punong Bantay snuck into Pres. Osmundo’s (Cris Villanueva) exclusive fundraising event on the suspicion that it would turn into a mass conversion of vampires. Though the vampires’ plans were hindered due to her presence, she didn’t leave the event empty-handed.


A bomb threat quickly evacuated the venue before Malia could speak with their new president, but luckily, she encountered the same masked man from before. This is our scene of the day! And here’s why:


  • The way the masked man grabbed Malia from inside the venue and brought her to safety outside (wow where did he come from???)

  • How he paused when she said, “Sandali lang!” (nakakapagtaka talaga ha. Nakikinig siya hahahaha)

  • The way she chased after him when he ran (ugh paasa LOL) (props to Malia for running in her outfit and those heels!!)

  • How the masked man tried to gain the upper ground by standing on top of one of the parked trucks (good strategy)

  • The way Malia jumped up the truck and quickly attacked (Woohoo! Go Malia!) (...anyone else notice that the dude is just defending himself and not attacking? :-” )

  • How she almost fell off the truck (ACK it’s the shoes! *covers eyes*)

  • The way the masked man grabbed her hand and then THEY WERE FORCED APART (OHMYGOOOOOOD!!!)

  • The surprised looks on both their faces (well, more Malia’s face as the masked man’s face is, obviously, covered by his mask hahahaha) (but you can totally tell from his eyes that he was SHOCKED too. Get it? HAHAHAHAHA)

  • How Malia said, “Tristan?” (ang sakiiiiiit </3)

  • The way the masked man escaped when the cops arrived (AAAHH NO HE GOT AWAY AGAIN!!)


Malia later told the board of Waya Corp. what happened. Despite her proof that the masked man is Tristan (Daniel Padilla) - the electricity that shocked them and forced them apart, something that only happens with him - the board wasn’t convinced. Geneva (Pinky Amador) suggested that they find more solid proof and dig up the Moonchaser’s grave to be sure and Malia agreed.


Elsewhere, frustrated that his plans were once again thwarted by the Bagong Itinakda, Sandrino (Richard Guiterrez) wonders if there is another traitor in his midst.


On another note, Tristan showed himself to Prof. T (Albert Martinez) (YAY! He’s back!) and told his mentor of his plan to start a war that will end them all - wolves and vampires alike - so that only humans will be left in the world.


What will the LLU find at Tristan’s grave? And what will Prof. T do about Tristan’s plan? Catch an all-new episode of “La Luna Sangre” tonight on Primetime Bida after “FPJ's Ang Probinsyano."