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Jameson at Ronnie, nagkakakumpitensya ba?

Here’s what Jameson has to say about Ronnie

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

1/17/2018 in News
Jameson at Ronnie, nagkakakumpitensya ba?

Jameson Blake and Ronnie Alonte are both aware of the comparisons between them, but they’re not taking any of those comments seriously.

In a report by PEP yesterday, January 16, Jameson related that he and Ronnie just laugh off all the things they read and hear.

“I’m proud of Ronnie…  kasi nakita ko 'yung success niya from Hashtags, tapos nag-boom siya, naging famous,” he said.

Jameson continued that while they don’t see each other as often as before, their friendship is still going strong.

“We don’t have time really to hang out, pero okay naman… hindi lang super close [like before] kasi busy,” he said.

The actor further related that all the Hashtags members are supportive of each other, and leaving the group is the farthest thing on his mind.

“Kaya naman naming pagsabayin ang work, okay lang naman sa akin, kaya ko naman… dun ako nag-start eh... I don’t wanna leave it behind,” he said.

Jameson was part of the romantic comedy “Unexpectedly Yours” last year. He also starred in the primetime series “A Love to Last” with Ronnie.