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Meryll triumphs battle with drug abuse

Here’s how Meryll overcame her struggles!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

1/12/2018 in News
Meryll triumphs battle with drug abuse

We can all overcome the darkest points in our lives, and Meryll Soriano is proof of it.

The actress revealed on “Magandang Buhay” today, January 12, that she struggled with drug abuse when she was still young.

“Nag drugs ako nun… part siya ng pagrebelde ko,” she shared, stating her inability to leave showbiz as a trigger for her rebellious streak.

“Hindi ko ever naramdaman na hindi ako kilala… I struggled with show business,” she related. I wanted to go abroad for college, hindi ko magawa because I was already working… dun na ako nag-start mag-rebelde.”

Meryll shared that she was able to overcome the struggles by asking for help from her parents - Bec-Bec Soriano and Willie Revillame.

“I think anybody who's going through a hard time should learn how to ask for help. I think that's very, very important kasi 'yun ang nag-save sa akin,” she said. “[Important din] 'yung faith mo. Nagising na lang ako ng isang araw na, 'Lord, ayaw ko na.' Then I talked to my parents.”

She proudly added, “10 years na akong sober, 10 years na akong clean.”
Meryll is part of the fantasy series “La Luna Sangre.”